A 55-Year-Old Man from Vasco Dies of Suspected Dengue

Dengue seems to have raised its ugly head again in the state of Goa, and the port town of Goa, Vasco da Gama is one of the most vulnerable places where Dengue has spread widely. There were two deaths in the past due to vector-borne decease and this is suspected to be the 3rd case in Vasco. 

Sources said that the man, who is a taxi driver, complained of high fever on Friday morning and o being taken to a private clinic was advised to do a blood test to check for dengue.

The tests are taken revealed signs of dengue and he was rushed to the Chicalim Sub District Hospital for two days and where his blood platelet count was being monitored.

However, after two days he had to be rushed to GMC in Bambolim, given that the counts started dropping again. He expired on Monday and the doctors at GMC said his death took place on account of the suspected dengue affecting his brains and lungs.


Residents approached the Vasco Urban Health Centre and have requested them to check for mosquito breeding sites as well as carry out fumigation of the area.

Mormugao Municipal Council Ward Councillor, Yatin Kamurlekar said he wasn’t sure if the death was on account of dengue as incorrect information was being spread.

“A few days ago, a six-year-old had died and while people and some media reported it as death due to dengue, the actual reason was the hemorrhagic fever,” Kamurlekar said.

He further stated that he has recently conducted fumigation of the entire ward and will approach the Vasco Urban Health Centre and request them to carry out awareness drives so that people can take precautions to avoid dengue.

Just last month the recent death of a youth from Vasco had sparked protests with many angry locals staging a protest march demanding better services at the Chicalim Sub-district hospital.

Even Margao the commercial capital of Goa wasn’t spared and the last month had seen a rise in cases of dengue around the Gogol- Borda-Aquem belt, with a number of patients undergoing treatment in city-based private hospitals.

Panjim, the capital city reported 22 suspected cases of dengue again in August, with most cases being from Tonca and Miramar.

While heavy rains have contributed to floods and pools of stagnant water in the state, care should be taken by both, people as well as government authorities to keep their respective areas clean and free of water so as to prevent such diseases in the future.

Source: The Goan

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