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BJP Goa Unit Challenges Opposition Unity and Integrity in Lok Sabha Campaign

BJP Goa's Siddesh Naik criticizes Congress Lok Sabha candidates and questions opposition alliance coherence, while highlighting BJP's achievements and positive agenda.
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BJP Goa unit questions the unity of the opposition INDIA alliance members and questions the integrity of the Congress Lok Sabha candidates. They also reacted to former minister, Alina Saldanha joining the Congress.

BJP Goa Secretary Siddesh Naik asserted that the BJP has initiated its campaign for the Lok Sabha seat with substantial support while criticizing the integrity of Congress Lok Sabha candidates and questioning the unity within the INDIA alliance. He highlighted the BJP’s positive agenda in contrast to what he described as the negative approach of the Congress, suggesting it could lead them to become a regional party. Naik also lauded PM Narendra Modi’s development initiatives over the past decade and praised Atal Bihari Vajpayee for projects like the Golden Quadrangle. He emphasized the BJP’s inclusive motto of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas” and accused the opposition of engaging in divisive politics based on caste and religion.

Naik highlighted the achievements of the BJP government, particularly in infrastructure development, citing projects like the Atal Setu, water sports institute, super specialty hospital, Ayush hospital, and Mopa airport, attributing their success to the support from the central government. He contrasted the BJP’s proactive approach to campaigning with the delayed candidate announcements of the opposition.

Additionally, Naik questioned the coherence of the opposition alliance, pointing out discrepancies such as the absence of an alliance between AAP and Congress in Punjab and Trinamool Congress in Kolkata. He criticized the opposition’s stance on secularism and nationalism, alleging silence when the DMK made controversial remarks against Sanatan Dharma and attempted to divide North and South India. Naik also raised concerns about previous attempts by Congress leaders to amend the Constitution’s Preamble.

Responding to allegations against the BJP by Captain Venzy Veigas, Naik questioned the credibility of AAP in Goa and confidently stated BJP Goa’s determination to secure both seats in the upcoming elections.

BJP Goa Mahila Morcha President, Arti Bandodkar, refuted statements made by Congress South Goa candidate Viriato Fernandes, denying claims that Goa is the “rape capital” of India and asserting that there is no drug involvement in Goan festivals. She highlighted schemes aimed at women’s welfare and empowerment, such as Sulabh Sochale, Izzat Ghar, and reservations for women, emphasizing positive responses from the public.

Giriraj Vernekar underscored the BJP’s commitment to defending democracy and criticized Viriato Fernandes for allegedly suggesting a “mini emergency.” He recalled historical instances of emergency imposed by the Congress, invoking the example of Rajnath Singh’s inability to attend his mother’s cremation due to restrictions. Vernekar discussed the misuse of Article 356 by past governments and highlighted instances of violence against BJP workers in Kerala and recent attacks in Bengal.

Furthermore, Vernekar accused Congress of engaging in family politics and highlighted various scandals involving Congress leaders like Lalu Prasad Yadav. He criticized Viriato Fernandes for allegedly dismantling his party and urged introspection among Congress members regarding loyalty and accountability.

In conclusion, the BJP representatives expressed their respect for former minister Alina Saldanha and questioned her party allegiance, given her history of joining different political parties.

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