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Nikki Yadav Murder Case – The Accused Brought Victim To Goa But Later Changed The Plan

The accused Sahil Gahlot who wanted to get rid of his long-time girlfriend Nikki Yadav made a vacation plan to Goa to execute his plot
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Nikki Yadav Murder Case
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The accused Sahil Gahlot who wanted to get rid of his long-time girlfriend Nikki Yadav made a vacation plan to Goa to execute his plot but later on, the plans changed and he took her to Delhi where he strangulated her and dumped her body into the Dhabha Refrigerator before returning back to attend his own wedding with the new bride.      

If the earlier incident of Shraddha Walker and Aftab Poonewala has not already shocked everyone enough, another similar bone-chilling murder case has been reported to the police, where a man named Sahil Gahlot, has allegedly killed his live-in partner Nikki Yadav, transported her body to his family-owned dhaba and later marries another woman arranged by his family, all at the same day.

According to the reports, Nikki found out about his marriage plans with another woman and upon confronting him about the same they got into an hours-long fight, later the accused, Sahil Gehlot took Nikki to the Kashmir Gate area and strangled her on Feb 10. The incident came to light when the victim’s father couldn’t reach her for days and sensing something amiss, decided to call the police.

Here is all you need to know about the case

Sahil Gehlot, 24, from Jhajjar and Nikki Yadav, 23, from Haryana met during their preparation for the SSC exam and medical examination respectively, where they used to take the same bus to reach their respective tuition classes. Later their acquaintance took a romantic affair and they took admission in the same college. The couple had been living together since 2018 and they used to go on trips together, said the police.

According to the reports, Sahil Gehlot enjoyed himself during his engagement celebration on February 9 and danced for hours with friends and family. He is accused of strangling Nikki Yadav when she confronted him about his alleged betrayal the day after, just before his wedding. Meanwhile, the last CCTV  footage of Nikki was of Feb 9 at her rented house, hours before her confrontation and murder.

Sahil allegedly borrowed his cousin’s car after his engagement and drove to Nikki’s house at around one in the morning. Sahil was captured on CCTV camera entering the flat. They are spotted leaving at around five in the morning. To board a train to Goa, they travelled in the same car to the South Delhi Nizamuddin Train station.

According to the authorities, Nikki Yadav intended to travel to Goa with Sahil, but he claimed he couldn’t get a ticket. They allegedly made the decision to book a bus to any hill town in Himachal Pradesh after that.

Police believe Sahil planned to leave Nikki and was tricking her by suggesting they would go on vacation together.

The police said that because they were unable to obtain bus tickets, they left. And upon parking the car at Kashmir Gate, the couple once again got into a heated argument which went around four hours and in the middle of it, Sahil strangled Nikki with his charging cable, the police say.

He allegedly put Nikki’s body in the front seat and drove about 40 kilometres to his family’s dhaba. According to the police, he abandoned the car at the dhaba with the body stuff in the dhaba’s refrigerator. He left the dhaba after closing time to attend his wedding at home.

Sahil allegedly proceeded to the dhaba at 3.30 am in another car to deal with the body after his family and relatives had gone to bed. According to the authorities, Sahil intended to dispose of the body in a river or a drain.

Phone Data Deleted

The police also retrieved the victim’s mobile phone from the accused, from which the data had already been erased.  “He knew it was big evidence, so he deleted all chats of their fights,” a police officer said.

Tip Off

The murder was discovered when the neighbour reported the missing complaint to the police. It is also said that the police found the body through an anonymous tip by one of their mutual friends.

Reports of autopsy

The autopsy report revealed that no other marks have been found on the victim’s body than the strangling marks. The body was taken to the family where the cremation was held on Wednesday evening. Nikki’s father, Sunil Yadav, has demanded capital punishment for the accused.


According to the updates, the police will now take Sahil to all the said routes and destinations to map and recreate the exact scenes, that were held on a fateful day.

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