Mother Strangulates her two and half year old Daughter to Death and Files Complaint Against Her Mother in Law

The most heinous crime committed by the mother who strangulated her own two and half year only toddler and went to police station lodging the complaint against her mother in law. The lady appears to be mentally unstable who was in state of frustration due to some personal reasons, said the sources. 

According to the reports, Goa Police on Tuesday arrested one Azia Rodrigues, for killing her two and half-year-old daughter at Betalbatim, a village situated in South Goa.

The accused mother, Azia Avis Rodrigues killed her minor daughter, aged two years and six months, by smothering her, and informed the police that her actions were due to personal frustrations.

According to the Police Sources, on Tuesday afternoon, the accused mother Azia, held the nostrils of her child and kept her under a running shower, smothering her to death.  After committing the heinous crime, she went to the police station and informed the police that her mother-in-law, Sebastina Rodrigues, had killed her toddler daughter.

The police personnel immediately rounded up Sebastina, aged 65, who then lodged a complaint that Azia had killed her child. The cops made the two women confront each other after which Azia broke down and confessed to having killed the child.

She was then arrested. A police spokesman said that Azia was “frustrated in her life.”

Azia is originally from Sernabatim and her husband works aboard a cruise liner, police sources have revealed.

Further investigations are still on in the matter.

Various Sources 

Image : Prudent Media

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