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Goa Sports Minister Govind Gaude Invites Jonty Rhodes at Table Tennis Medal Ceremony at Campal

Former South African cricket legend, Jonty Rhodes, expresses his support for diverse sports and infrastructure improvement at the National Games in Goa. Rhodes, known for
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Govind Gaude Invites Jonty Rhodes
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According to former South African cricket player Jonty Rhodes, other sports can better attract interest during the National Games. Many people consider Jonty to be one of the best fielders of all time. He has been visiting Goa for a few months and attended the table tennis finals on Thursday at the Indoor Stadium, Campal.

“Goa is home; my family has been wonderful, and the locals are incredibly kind. Seeing the National Games here is fantastic. Because India means more to me than simply cricket. As we all know. Following the medal ceremony, Jonty told reporters, “It’s encouraging to see other sports getting a chance to shine.”

According to the South African cricket player, sports provide an excellent opportunity for individuals to demonstrate their abilities and improve the quality of life in areas with inadequate infrastructure.

“Sports unite individuals. People in India and South Africa have demonstrated that when they band together, they are unquestionably more powerful, the speaker stated.

Jonty, who is visiting with this family and their kids, promised to help Goa’s sports industry grow.”

“I’m here to support sports at all times. Whether it’s cricket or anything else, I adore sports. You must have a goal to work for. A goal is what motivates athletes all the time; they need something to aim for. We wish to encourage children’s screen-time activities these days. Sports are what we want kids to play,” he stated.

Govind Gaude, the minister of sports, had earlier welcomed Jonty as part of the ‘Get, Set, Goa’ program.”Jonty Rhodes is a well-known figure in the cricket world. He was much anticipated at Campal. As Goa’s sports minister, I am incredibly proud of myself. “I am really happy to have him here at the Games,” Gaude remarked.

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