No Easter parties This Year in Goa as The Easter Day will be a Dry Day

Goan Catholics will be celebrating the Easter this time with no parties and ban on liquor consumption due to the applicable code of conduct. As Goa is approaching towards the elections that are scheduled on 23rd April the Easter Day is announced as a dry day in the state of Goa.

According to the reports published by the Times of India as the elections announced in Goa on 23rd of April, the Ester should be a dry day. The report further claims that the venues have been prohibited from serving the alcohol post 11 pm on Saturday and after 6 pm on Easter day.   

The sources have revealed that the curators of the programs are exploring the possibilities of shifting the locations or timings of the event to stay within the law and at the same time provide the party goers with what they want.

There are rumors that there may be an alteration in the notification keeping the Easter festival in mind, although there is no official release on this as yet. 


Fred D’souza from Major Milkshake has decided to not take any chances and has shifted his party to Dubai. “I decided on this shift as Easter is one of our main showcase events and it felt really odd not doing it this year,” says Fred. “We have done multiple shows in Dubai and all our gigs have been huge successes. Shifting there happened like clockwork and I’m sure this one is going to be another banger.”

Another nightclub manager in Baga said that they are planning to host the Easter party on Saturday instead of Sunday since the time is allowed till 11 pm on that day. “Since we can’t do much on Easter Sunday, we are hosting an Easter gig on Saturday called Bunny Nights, which will end by 11 pm, since that’s the mandate. We are working on a day event on Sunday, but nothing is finalized yet.”

While some are exploring day event options, some have decided to not have any Easter event. The manager of a nightclub chain in Candolim says, “The notification clearly states that Easter is a dry day, leaving us with no options. We aren’t hosting any party on Saturday or Sunday, though we have been curating one every year.”

Another event company in Goa who has been organizing the annual Bullfrog Bunny party for the past eight years have decided to call off the party. “Since we were getting many calls about our Easter party, we decided to do a retro-themed brunch on Easter. We will have retro music, barbecue and a specially curated menu that will include Goan favorites like sausage pulao, sorpotel and beef roulade since many will break their fast,” he said.

overall looking a the prevailing trend it looks like the Easter this year may go completely dry due to the forthcoming elections. Finally what is more important is to select the right candidate for the next five years, the festivals keep coming every year, isn’t it?? 

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