Babush Monserate To Contest Panaji By-Poll on Congress Ticket While Utpal Parrikar is the first choice of BJP

There is no doubt that Babush Monsaratte is a Congressman by virtue although it is another story that he kept switching the parties during the past finally he seems to have come back to Congress. In his own words “This is my homecoming, I went around but in the end, I have decided to come back home”.   

It is now clear that Babush will be contesting the Panaji by poll and recently he left the Goa Forward Party and his recent meetings with the Congress campaign manager and former CM of Goa Mr. Digambar Kamat is creating speculations in the political circle that he may contest the forthcoming Panaji ByPoll on a Congress Ticket. The same has been confirmed by Babush today.

It may be recalled that earlier Mr. Atanasio Monserrate better known as Babush had denied the news of switching parties and said that he will contest the bypoll as an Independent candidate with the help of Congress support.

Congress had always been backing Babush during the elections as in the 2017 general election though Babush floated his own party called United Goans Party, Congress opted to support him by not fielding the candidate in Panaji constituency. This makes it very clear that Congress always wanted to remain in good books with Babush.


The sources revealed that Monserrate’s meeting with Kamat was held in Panaji, and was the culmination of plenty of requests from Congress legislators to the former town and country planning minister to join the party.

The seat of Panaji has a stronghold of BJP and the same was retained by the former CM Late Mr. Manohar Parrikar and even during the time when Parrikar went to Delhi to shoulder the responsibility of Defence Minster the Panaji seat was retained by the BJP under the representation of Siddharth Kunkolienkar.

Now there are rumors that Parrikar’s son will be continuing the legacy of his father by contesting from Panaji and later may be becoming the next CM of Goa. Perhaps that is the reason Congress decided to club with Babush and make sure that the Panaji seat this times comes into the Congress kitty.

According to the Times of India report, Parrikar’s son, Utpal, is now understood to be the leading candidate to contest from Panaji on a BJP ticket, and presently on the request of the party, he is campaigning for the Lok Sabha election alongside the Union Ayush minister Shripad Naik.

The 39-year-old Utpal was not involved in active politics but has been by his father’s side for a long time, believes he has the experience to take a plunge into electoral politics. “Whatever experience I have from being with my father, I can use that to do something concrete,” said Utpal.

The new game of politics is underway with one side the family raj from BJP is being promoted while the party known for the family raj for past many decades is ready to filed the strong candidate in Panaji constituency.   

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