Goa Traffic Police decides to Increase the fines for repeated offenders

Source: Goa Traffic Police

With the road accidents rising due to riders not wearing a helmet, DGP Mukhtesh Chander has now decided to go strictly with the rules and increase the fines for repeat offenders. Riders are cautioned to wear helmets as a safety precaution while riding as this may prevent fatal injuries but people have seen to have taken this “Helmet Rule” lightly and continue riding without the helmet.

According to Times of India, Chander on Tuesday said he would raise the fine for repeat offenders, “I will raise the prosecution amount if riders are found travelling helmetless a second time. We will maintain the entire prosecution history of such riders and will keep enhancing penalties for every repeat offence.” he said. He further added, “Based on prosecution history, we might even recommend that the transport department cancel driving licenses of such offenders.”

The Helmet rule had received aide public criticism, as to why only two-wheeler vehicles have been targeted. Responding to this, the DGP pointed out that the two-wheelers constituted 70% of the vehicular population and are much likely to be viable for prosecution. Chander spoke on an event related to Road safety and commented saying those who do not believe in wearing helmets should join conspiracy theory groups like the “Flat Earth Society”, whose members, he said, continue to believe that the Earth is flat.

It also comes to surprise that people no longer care for their safety and carelessly use a mobile phone while driving. According to Times of India, Over 1,000 violators had to part with their driving licenses last year due to their use of mobile phone while driving, one of the highest recorded violations of the year.

Speaking on that same, DGP stated “The use of the device totally diverts one’s attention, because they’re using one hand to drive and the other to use the mobile phone. This way, one is not only risking their own life but also that of others. That is why the Supreme Court committee has taken it seriously and has recommended that licenses are suspended.”

According to the National Herald, Chander suggested that those who do not want to follow traffic rules should sign organ donation forms so that their organs can be harvested in case they meet with a fatal accident.

The Government of Goa has been enforcing strict laws and has come up with schemes to make sure traffic rules are being followed. Last year, the controversial scheme Traffic Sentinel was introduced which had caused a public outrage. This scheme was misused by many and the public was reported to be upset with this scheme. Soon this issue heated up so much that even politicians came into the matter and requested on its withdrawal.

According to Goa Prism, DY Speaker stated that this scheme is being misused as certain sentinels click pictures of girls and encourage prostitution and while the public view this scheme to be a failure. Responding to these claims, Chander lashed out saying “In 2017, over 5 lakh people were prosecuted as a result of the scheme and in 2018; close to 8 lakh fines were issued. Did we abdicate our responsibility, or did we increase prosecution by around 50% — the highest since 2013?   

With many cases that has happened in the recent months and irrecoverable lives lost has made Government feel the need to be stricter with traffic rules. These rules are laid down to maintain discipline and safety in the roads and keep the lives of the public safe by preventing accidents.

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