No More Fresh Licenses to Spas and Restaurants in Goa, all the small Spas will be shut Down

Goa runs its economy mainly from the inputs of the tourism industry and the vital roles are played by the smaller businesses compared to the big ones as most of the big businesses either managed to get away with the taxes by showing the loses. The new development will not only stop the development of the small industry in the state, but it will lead to monopolise the big ones.

The state health department has decided to shut down all the spas and restaurants that operate from the smaller premises of 10 square meters and the department will also stop issuing the fresh permissions for the new spa and restaurants.

This news may come as a shock to, many small businesses as well as the new food outlets in the state. According to the sources, The Goa health department has stopped giving clearances to new spas and restaurants in the state until a new health act is passed.

The report published by the national channel NDTV, the health minister Vishwajit Rane told the media on Friday that there will be an amendment in the existing activities related to the Spa and Restaurants to remove the discrepancies and provide more powers to officers for taking action against prevailing irregularities.   


He further stated that as of now the health department has stopped issuing fresh permissions to new restaurants and spas in the state. “Under the new act we want to set up a special cell which will have the power to give licenses to spas and restaurants,” he said.

Meanwhile, the report published by the Outlook India states that all spas in the state that operate within 10 to 20 sq. mts premises will be closed down and no such spa will be given permission to operate until the state Public Health Act is amended, Health Minister Vishwajit Rane said on Friday.    

According to the health minister of Goa, it does not make sense to having a Spa that operates in small premises. “There is no point having spas which operate from a 10 sq mts premise. I have stopped all permissions for all new spas and new restaurants until we amend the Public Health Act,” Health Minister Vishwahit Rane told reporters in Panaji.

“There are spas which operate from a 10 sq. mts place and charge Rs 1,000 for half-an-hour and a bouncer waits outside. What is this going on?” Rane added.

According to the sources, there are malpractices in the places run under the name of Spa and that promotes the prostitution. Health Minister said that a special cell will be formed who will understand the needs of the Spa and Restaurants in the state before giving them permissions.

He also warned the people of huge penalties who are not running businesses of Restaurants and Spa in accordance to the law. “Penalties will also be included (in the amended Public Health act). Restaurants (in Goa) are not being run by law,” Rane said.

With the new development coming into force, the future of new upcoming hotels and spa seems to be in a dark as they may not get any more permissions. Let us wait and watch if this new development is made for the betterment of the society or to harass a handful of businesses under the pretext of the law.

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