Bridges and Infrastructure Development Does not feed the empty stomachs, says Nilesh Cabral

Goa is going through huge infrastructure development, and most of the money is being spent towards the payments of the same. The unemployment is rising due to the absence of mining activity and dips in the tourism business, under such condition how you expect to face the election? People’s first preference is their bread and butter and not the rampant development of the infrastructure, says the power minister of Goa.

In one of his recent interview with the local news channel, Mr Nilesh said that bridges and infrastructure development will not feed the empty stomachs of the Goan people, instead, they should be given the opportunity to earn their bread and butter.

Nilesh Cabral was speaking on a television show “Head On” on the Prudent Media channel. He further stated that the Goa is been very lucky for the honourable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji as every time he came down to Goa, his victory was assured.

“I don’t want to go on the details as what luck Goa has brought to him, but Goans did not get any much luck in return. If the Goans are unable to get the benefits from the centre then we will have to see how the luck will work in the future,” said Mr Cabral.

Mr Cabral is also not sure about both the Lok Sabha seats will come into the account of BJP under the prevailing condition. According to the Cabral, a common misconception of people are going to vote once they attend the meetings is completely not workable. “If only people feel that government has done some good job, they will vote the government into power,” he said.

There is a huge development going on in Goa under the leadership of the chief minister, but that development is unable to feed the people of Goa. “Finally it is the food that is going to feed the people of Goa and not development,” said Mr Cabral adding that looking at the bridge or walking over it will not going to feed us. “What exactly government has done to feed us? people will ask,” he said.

He looked very upset about the whole scenario, and his entire focus remained on the people’s problems. The biggest problem in the state at the moment is unemployment and lack of funds in every sector. The government treasuries are almost empty.

“Do you believe that people will look at the bridge and vote BJP? they will say that good bridge built by the BJP government and lets vote for this government and bring them back to power,” he averred. 

There is an underlying discontent amongst all the ministers and MLAs in the state regardless of which party they belong to. The law and order are completely collapsed and treasury is almost empty. How the people suppose to live under such condition and if the people do not survive then how the government will?? Think about it!!

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