Forensic analysis of Viscera rules out the murder angle of Fr. Bismarck

Fr. Bismark

It looks like the forensic report of viscera will put the full stop to all the speculations of the murder of Fr. Bismarck since the analysis reports from the Central Forensic Laboratory (CFL) claims no foul play.

The body of Fr. Bismarck found floating in the river Mandovi on 7th of November, almost two days after his disappearance. That led to huge controversy as the supporters of Bismarck suspecting the foul play. Doctors at GMC conducted two autopsies on the body of Bismarck but found nothing supporting to the claims of the supporters. The only ray of hope was the viscera report which was sent to the lab in Hyderabad for the analysis. Finally, the day has come when the report claimed the discovery of no suspicious material in the viscera of Fr. Bismarck.

According to the sources, the viscera report of Fr. Bismarck was received by Goa Police on Thursday. The report supported the investigation of Goa Police as they already had ruled out the murder of Bismarck. The police also did not register the case of murder since there was no prima facie evidence supporting the claims of Bismarck’s supporters.

Superintendent of Police Karthik Kashyap has told the media that, the report received by them from CFL Hyderabad had carried out all the required tests from all possible angles and found nothing suspicious in it. It may be recalled that the supporters and family members of Bismarck had demanded the early investigation by Crime Branch to ascertain the exact reason behind the death of Bismarck and now with the forensic report all the speculations come to an end.

After the viscera report the only thing remains is the DNA analysis of the blood-stained vest of Fr. Bismarck (as alleged by the supporters of Bismarck) which will take another 20 days according to the police report. The normal delivery of the reports of viscera and DNA takes more than six months but due to the constant follow up of crime branch under the supervision of CM the reports arrived sooner. The supports of the Bismarck still believes that the final truth will come out only after the receipt of DNA report.


One of the supporters of Bismarck Adv. Swati Kerkar claimed that the viscera report is not that important in this case as it only detects the only the existence of the poisonous substance in the viscera (the internal organs). Another thing the supporters of Bismarck are relying upon the lie detector test of the suspect Darryl Vaz who accompanied Bismarck to the Babol Manos. The other boy being the minor would be facing the hearing of the Juvenile court which is fixed on December 14.

Despite the report of the viscera analysis showing no foul play, the supporters of Bismarck has decided to continue the agitation. There will be a meeting at Lohia Maidan in Margao on 12th December to decide the further course of action.

Source: Various sources

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