Body of Fr. Bismarck found floating in St. Estevam River

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The mystery surrounded over the sudden disappearance of Fr. Bismarck has finally come to an end with his body found floating in the St. Estevam river near old Goa. Fr. Bismarck Dias was missing from Thursday night since he went along with two people for swimming in the river Mandovi near St. Estevam but did not return back. The duo gone along with him returned to the village next morning informing the relative of Bismarck Dias about his disappearance which finally culminated into the police complaint and detention of duo for the purpose of investigation.

According to the sources, the body of Bismarck was found floating in the river little distance away from the Manos he supposedly went for swimming. According to Goa police, the body was sent for the post-mortem and all the speculations in regards with the missing of Bismarck and involvement of the foul play would be cleared only after the report comes in said the police sources. According to the story narrated by the duo who went with Fr. Bismarck, maximum beer from the two cartons were consumed by Fr. Bismarck himself and he went for the swim post-midnight after he was drunk. Based on the narration of duo police commenced the search operation in the right direction with the help of some local residents. They followed the direction of current in the water and found the body of Bismarck floating in the river.

It may be too early to conclude with any speculation of foul play till all the forensics reports come. The rise for all the speculations has resulted out of the fear of the powerful people against whom he was fighting in the interest of Goa, but reality could be different. We still feel that readers might be the best judges of this situation as most of them have information which many media people do not have, thanks to the social media the platform which gives access to the unbeknown. In case you have any more information on this issue please do share with us. Your comments and suggestions will be most valuable here.

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