Bismarck’s Death is Accidental, Cops submits report to CM, here are the details

Denying the possibility of any foul play behind the death of Fr. Bismarck Dias cops have submitted the report to the Chief Minister claiming his death was due to the accidental drowning, although cops have mentioned that the viscera report is awaited and once it comes they will do further investigation if necessary. According to the sources, the report has been prepared and submitted by the North Goa SP Umesh Gaonkar.

According to the cops, the investigation so far has just reached the conclusion that the death had occurred due to accidental drowning and only the viscera report will put more light on the manner of the death of deceased.

Here are the details of the report submitted by the Goa Police to CM

  1. On 5th November afternoon, before the lunch at around 1.30 pm Bismarck went to the wine store just across the street nearby his house and picked up a bottle of beer for which he paid Rs. 70 and consumed the same sitting in the verandah of the bar owners house.
  2. At 2.30 pm, Bismarck went to the house of Shiva and had a chat with three boys till 4.30 pm and asked one of the boys to get another beer for which the boy paid himself and Dias continued to chat with them while sipping the beer from the bottle till 6.30 pm.
  3. At 6.30 pm, Dias requested two boys to accompany him to his house where he handed over Rs. 500 note which brought from the house and instructed them to purchase the full carton of beer and meet him at Vaichi Vat”, he also gave them his bike to make the job easier. While boys went to bring the beer he took a walk to Vaichi Vat which is around 10 mins from his house.
  4. Based on the instruction of Dias the boys purchased the carton of beer pint and reached to the designated place where Dias was already waiting for them. While they were chatting with each other, the brother of one of the boys along with another person reached the spot and asked the boys to come home as the family members are searching for them. At this point, Dias told them to inform their parents that the boys are with him and he will drop them home later on. During all this conversation all three of them supposedly consumed the beer they brought along.
  5. At around 9.30 pm, Dias suggested the boys to accompany him to the Babal Manos and for which he requested them to get some more beers on credit which the boys refused and requested Dias to accompany them if he wanted more beers.
  6. Accordingly at around 10.30 pm all three of them reached at Cupa on the bike of Dias, at Cupa they met and had a small conversation with three more people and in that conversation Dias informed those people that he is going to Babal Manos for the sleepover along with two boys. He also informed that they will be consuming the beer at that spot.
  7. After picking up more beer on the credit from Cupa, Dias along with two boys reached the vicinity of Babol Manos where he parked his bike and proceeded further walking along with two boys.
  8. At the Babal Manos, all three of them started consuming more beer while chatting and sitting near the open hut at Manos. The beer bottles were opened by one of the boys with his teeth. After some time, Dias removed his clothes and went into the water for swimming.
  9. While Dias was into the water, the boys try to go away from the hut due to mosquitoes and while carrying the carton of beer three bottles fell down and broke. This was the time Dias came back and consumed some more beer and entered the water again at around 2 am from another side and swam towards the mouth of the river and disappeared suddenly.
  10. The moment boys find out Dias is out of sight they called out for him, shouted for some time and used the torch to search for him in the water but after finding no response from Dias they went back to hut and slept in the hut presuming that Dias is a good swimmer and he will join them later on.
  11. They woke up early morning with the sound prayer at the Mosque, at this time they did one more search and after not finding him they decided to go back to their respective homes.

The Gaonkar report ends here. On the 7th November the body of Fr. Bismarck Dias was found floating in the St. Estevam river. Which was later sent to GMC for the post mortem and the reason of the death was declared as asphyxia (asphyxia is the condition in which the body is deprived of oxygen, causing unconsciousness or death).


The supporters and relatives are not ready to accept the police report of a death due to drowning and want the case to be handed over the crime branch. Looking at the present scenario, it seems to be a difficult task as the police have already submitted the closure report in the case. According to you what would be the reason behind the death of Fr. Bismarck? Is that Drowning or something else? Can the report of police challenge? If Dias was murdered then who did it and how? These are some of the major questions which need to be answered to find out the truth behind the demise of Fr. Bismarck Dias. Please do leave your valuable comments and suggestions on this issue.

Source: Various Sources

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