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Editor and founder-Rajesh’s long journey began with an early realisation of his writing skills and nearly a superhuman power of vivid imagination; which together led to the birth of a successful media portal. His never ending spree of learning has made him efficient in varied fields like coding, designing and also marketing. He fuels himself with continuous reading being a history fanatic and bouts of music and movies. Acting like a one man army he prizes work over almost everything.

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A Website is Portraying Goa as a Sex Destination in India

Over the last three decades, Goa’s reputation has been developed as a sex and drugs destination, in the national and international media. Several websites have also been promoting and proffering such services, with Indian domestic tourist topping the list of seekers. While women forums and several other citizens groups have made concerted efforts to shut these down, but the government and other concerned authorities have taken no cognizance of this menace by turning a blind eye to it. 

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