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Goa Crime Branch Nine-Member Team To Investigate Banastarim Accident Case

A dedicated team of experts has been tasked with probing the Banastarim accident case, as part of a comprehensive investigation effort. Learn about the formation
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Banastarim Accident Case
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The Crime Branch police have taken a proactive step by assembling a nine-member investigative team, helmed by Deputy Superintendent of Police Suraj Halarnkar, to delve into the recent tragic accident in Banastarim. This unfortunate incident claimed the lives of three individuals while leaving three others with severe injuries.

Comprising an adept lineup of professionals, the team is composed of three police inspectors, one police sub-inspector, three head constables, and a police constable. Superintendent of Police Nidhin Valsan, in an order issued on Saturday, initiated the formation of this team. Valsan has mandated the team to provide a fortnightly update on their progress in the case.

Over the weekend, Superintendent of Police Valsan, accompanied by the investigative team, visited the accident site in Banastarim and the locale in Ponda where the accused car driver, along with companions, had been celebrating.

The mantle of investigation has been entrusted to police inspector Narayan Chimulkar, supported by police inspectors Dattaram Raut and Kishor Ramanan, police sub-inspector Girish Padloskar, and head constables Dinesh Pikulkar, Satish Naik, and Sandeep Madkaikar, along with police constable Kalpesh Toraskar.

In response to an order from Inspector General of Police (IGP) Omvir Singh, the case was seamlessly transitioned from Mardol police station to the capable hands of the Crime Branch, Ribandar.

A significant development emerged when the family members of the deceased couple from Divar, victims of the aforementioned accident, along with Cumbharjua MLA Rajesh Faldessai, held a meeting with Chief Minister Pramod Sawant. Their concerns regarding the ongoing investigation prompted them to demand that the case be transferred to the Crime Branch. Subsequently, Chief Minister Sawant assured Faldessai of the case’s transfer to the Crime Branch.

The heart-wrenching incident in Banastarim claimed the lives of Suresh Fadte and Bhavana Fadte, a couple residing in Divar, along with Arup Karmakar. The collision occurred when a high-end car collided with their two-wheelers near the Banastarim bridge on the evening of August 6.

Authorities swiftly apprehended the car driver, identified as Shripad alias Paresh Sawardekar, in connection with the incident. Meanwhile, Sawardekar’s wife, Meghana, has sought anticipatory bail from the court.

The formation of the dedicated investigative team signals a commitment to unveiling the truth behind this tragic occurrence, ensuring transparency and justice for the victims and their families.

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