Bismarck case – bloodstained vest found, Investigation after viscera report, says Goa Police

Blood Stained Vest attached by Goa police Image Courtesy : FB

Bismarck Case is taking the new turn with the bloodstained vest had been recovered by the supporters of Fr. Bismarck including Kennedy, Mariano and Ivan while searching for the evidence in the surrounding area where the body of Bismarck found floating in the water. With the discovery of new evidence, friends of Fr. Bismarck have claimed that police and administration are in a hurry to establish the death of Fr. Bismarck as drowning accidental suicide.

After making several appeals to the Goa police and administration to hand over the case of Fr. Bismarck to the Crime Branch people of St. Estevam has finally decided to take the matter into their own hands and conduct the investigation on their own. Based on the lead about the existence of another route to the manos, activist Kennedy Afonso, John Costa, Ivan Dias and Mariano Ferrao took the initiative to explore that route for searching the more evidence that may help to put some more light on Bismarck’s death. They walked along the route for almost three kilometers and found the blood-stained vest lying hidden in the thick grass close to 10-meter distance from the boatshed that boys claimed to be allegedly sleeping.

After they found the blood-stained vest, they immediately informed the same to the sister in law of Fr. Bismarck and asked her whether Bismarck was wearing the vest that day, naming the particular brand of it on the phone and she approved of it. Soon the police came into the scene and took charge of the evidence. They also discovered the blood soaked mud around in the same place, it seems looked like as someone tried to cover the spilled blood with the mud. Police collected the sample of the mud for the purpose of investigation. The police officials have informed that both the things will be sent to the Hyderabad lab for verifying the DNA test.

Though the evidence has been collected the by police for the further investigation but the same has been sealed and kept and it will be taken up for the lab testing only after the receipt of the Viscera report. North Goa SP Umesh Gaonkar has informed that police will check all the possible angles in this case but only after the receipt of viscera report. “Police will open the sealed vest only after the viscera report comes,” informed the sources.


North Goa SP Gaonkar said that the police cannot jump to any conclusion at the moment since two autopsies have been done on the body of Bismarck Dias but they have not found any pre-death injuries on the body and both the reports have stated that injuries on the body of deceased were due to aquatic creatures.

The entire process from the beginning of this case points out at the death due to drowning and no post-mortem injuries. While on the other side supporters of Fr. Bismarck are trying their best to establish the foul play behind the demise of Bismarck. Now only two things on which this entire case relies on first is the viscera report and the second will be the blood-stained vest report which of course again dependent on the viscera report according to the police sources. In the event of blood-stained vest report comes in the favor of the supporters of Fr. Bismarck then it will be established that the death of Fr. Bismarck was not an accident due to drowning, but it was a cold blooded murder which some people are trying to hush up for the personal benefits.

But what will happen in case the viscera report comes against the favor of Bismarck supporters then whether police will take up the blood-stained vest for investigation? it will be the matter of discretion. It will depend on the prevailing situation at that time. The Viscera report normally takes around 90 days, but Goa IGP has personally requested the lab authorities to expedite the Bismarck viscera report on the priority basis and with that the report is supposed to be completed within a fortnight. Meanwhile, there is a confirmed report that family of Bismarck has appointed the senior lawyers from Mapusa to handle this case.

Source: Various Sources

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