Delhi woman files rape complaint against Calangute restaurateur

Sexual Assault Calangute Case

A woman from Delhi has alleged that the owner of a popular beachside restaurant in Calangute had raped her. The complaint has been lodged with the Delhi police.

The complaint was made against the owner of Calangute based Souza Lobo restaurant. According to the woman’s complaint, she was raped by Lobo in Delhi back in 2009.

Delhi police came into Goa with an interstate arrest warrant written in Hindi to arrest Lobo for interrogation a few days ago. But it the team returned without making any arrests, Calangute police said.

According to Calangute panchayat member Shawn Martins, the Delhi woman is an owner of a beachside property in Calangute. The restaurant of the alleged accused is located next to this property.

When wife of the alleged accused was contacted, she said she has moved Delhi court against the alleged rape charges against her husband.

Earlier Calangute police had arrested a person in November 2020 for allegedly damaging the Souza Lobo restaurant. Police had said that some bouncers had trespassed and damaged the property and assaulted the staff of the restaurant.

A case was registered by police for trespass, assault and property damage.

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