Transport Department Bribery Case, now Peon wants to withdraw his statement

In a major development took place in Transport Department Bribery Case  the peon who is under arrest now wants to withdraw his statement given to magistrate under section 164 of CrPC. It may be recalled that the peon from the transport department caught red-handed by ACB while accepting the bribe of rupees one lakh from Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector (AMVI) to settle the service related matter with him, which Govenkar as a vigilant office of the transport department was investigating.

Subsequently in the month of September in his statement given before the magistrate Ram Prabhudesai, Gawde said that he accepted the bribe on behest of deputy director Vishram Govekar. Now as revealed by the sources, Gawde wants to withdraw his statement which was given against the favor of dy. Director of transport. According to the sources at the judicial lockup this change of heart could be the result of huge pressure tactics used by the relatives and close aides of the department superiors.

Following the arrest of the peon, the government had transferred the Director of Transport Arun Desai, although nobody came forward to comment on this issue. This case started with the arrest of Gawde while receiving Rs. 1 lakh as a bribe from Alister Fernandes, AMVI, to settle the service related matter. Alister in his complaint alleged that Gawde had demanded Rs. 5 lakh to hand over the same to the former director of transport, Arun Desai.

The preliminary inquiry is over in this case and ACB has already quizzed the dy director and director of transport while the residence of Govenkar was also searched and the documents seized are being scrutinized by ACB team. ACB sources have confirmed that Gawde had initially named the director of transport, Desai in this case but later he changed his stand and informed that he collected the bribe on the behalf of Govenkar.


The sources say that Gawde belongs to the same village where the former director of transport comes from and the Minister of Transport also comes from the Desai’s Village in Ponda. Gawde was the humble party worker at the party office of MGP in Ponda from where he was put into the services of the department to serve the director of transport. Gawde, the peon of transport department is being represented by one of the high profile lawyers of Goa, Damodar Dhond, in this case.

What message does this entire story send across? Is there any standard which tells to maintain the statements given in front of Magistrate? If not, then what is the authenticity of it? Can all the people work on the post of peon afford the high-profile lawyers today? What will be the outcome of this case at the end? Please do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions on this issue.

Source: Various Sources

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