Brutal murder of elderly couple in Dhargalim Goa, police suspect insiders involved

Murder at Dhargali Image credits: In Goa News

While the people of Talewada, Dhargalim Goa were in the festive mood to welcome the Ganesha to their homes the news of double murder broke off in their village on a Thursday morning. According to the news the elderly couple Reginald Godinho (75) and his wife Jessy Godinho (70) were found in the pool of blood in the wee hours of Thursday morning at their farmhouse in Dharghal village. The sources have informed that there were CCTV cameras installed in the premises of the deceased were put off while the murders took place. This incident gives the clear indication that the killers were the insiders and this murder was well planned.

According to the available information, the couple was into the dairy business for past 25 years and they have quite a few employees, most of them outsiders, working with them. The sources close to the vicinity claims that the murder might have taken place over the dispute of some money matter with the employees. The possibility of the involvement of the employees in this murder cannot be ruled out at the moment but police are investigating the matter and they have claimed that culprits will be behind the bars soon.

The angle of robbery has been ruled out by the police in this case as nothing has been found missing from the house and everything was in its place. Villagers, however, suspect the role of Reginald’s employees, who according to them had a criminal background and one of them, had even attacked the employer in the past. Police sources said they are not ruling out other angles in this case.

The modus operandi of the murder gives the clear indication that the murderers were some insiders, as the two dogs of the deceased were fed by the culprits to make sure that they do not create any problems. They were also aware of the existence of the CCTV cameras in the premises, which they had probably put off before committing the crime. The blood stained sharp “Koyta” was found lying in the garden nearby premises which gives the clear indication of the weapon used in committing the crime.


According to the sources the incident came into the light on Thursday morning when a milk supplier Ashok Arondekar came to supply the milk and found the house doors wide open and blood stains everywhere, he immediately raised the alarm and called the police. The police team led my PI Devendra Gad immediately rushed to the spot with the dog squad and fingerprints experts to carry out the investigation. “Going by the preliminary investigation, it appears that the two were murdered on Wednesday night. Though the motive behind the murder is not yet clear, we suspect it to be revenge. We believe the murderer or the murderers were known to the couple,” said a police officer.

According the sources the murder was the most brutal they ever come across in the village, the police sources have said that there were multiple injuries on the head of the couple as much as the heads were almost crushed, there were blood stains all over the house, the most surprising thing was that murderer did not take any valuables from the place which gives the clear indication that their motive was only to kill the couple. But the question here is, why, why so much of grudge someone has on this old couple?

According to the sources, the couple were always busy in their work and did not had much communication with villagers around the vicinity, the milk supplier who came to their door early morning  who later raised the alarm saw two big dogs right in from the door. Police have already ruled out the angle of theft and they are looking at this now from other angles, like the property disputes and hostility which led to this brutal murder. Police have already booked the case against the unknown culprits under the sections 449 and 302 and further investigation is underway. Police have claimed that the culprits will be soon behind the bars.

These kinds of cases are giving the rise to the need of protection system for the elderly people staying in the villages of Goa. These couples were at least well to do; having all the facilities and modern setup around, but someone very close to them had taken the advantage of the situation and fulfilled the motive. It is very difficult to sense the crime well in advance when the culprits are within the circle and close to the family. The trained dogs would not allow any outsiders to feed them and allow them to enter the premises. The CCTV cameras won’t go off on their own, only insiders would know about existence to the cameras. This case could be the good example of keeping the vigil on the people who you suspect even slightest and informing the police about the same. Elderly people must have protection system especially if they are into the business, they must maintain the security guards around their premises 24X7.

Nevertheless this case will give the good lesson to all those who make lots of money and still don’t want to spend on their own security also maintaining of a good social tie-ups with the surrounding is very much necessary specially in the villages. Please try to take the lesson from these kinds of cases and be more alert in the future. Please do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions on this serious issue.

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