Mining resumed back in Goa, Achhe din will come soon says Chief Minister

The Bhartiya Janata Party’s slogan Achhe Din Aane Waale Hain will soon turn to be reality with the recommencement of mining in Goa. Goa’s mining business is resuming back after almost three years and this is the good sign of improvement in financial condition of Goa. The Goan economy which was sailing in deep sea of debt has seen the ray of hope. Based on the available information it has been confirmed that Vedanta Limited has resumed the mining business in Goa on Monday 10th August 2015. The entire staff members of Vedanta have proudly displayed the badge “Happy to restart mining” at the function organized to mark the resumption of mining at Codli mine in south Goa.

The Chief Minister of Goa was present at the “Coconut Breaking Ceremony” to mark the resumption of mining in Goa at Vedanta site in Codli. He was very happy to announce mining resumption in Goa. “We will issue directions to the mine operators. If required, we will also issue orders to them to start mining,” Parsekar told the media. The smile of happiness was spread across the face of the employees, stakeholders, associates, legislators present and everyone who was present at the ceremony, all seems to be waited for more than 3 years to see this day which finally has come. The entire atmosphere was filled with the cheerfulness, where from chief minister to local representatives were grinning wide. Finally chief minister rose to address the gathering and he started his bhashan with “Finally, acche din shuru ho gaye hain (the good days have finally arrived),” chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar said with his big signature smile.

“After three long years, the clouds of darkness have given way to sunrays of cheer and optimism, and this fills my mind with immense joy and pleasure. For the past three years since the mining came to a standstill, the government did all it possibly could to provide succor and support to the mining-affected people. The government has done, and continues to do, whatever that it needs to, to protect the interests of the people of the state. The government may, if necessary, not hesitate to go out of its way to do more (to bring the derailed mining operations back on track,” Parsekar said.

Actually the deadline for the resumption of mining was set by the October 2015 by the state government but Vedanta took a step ahead and decided to re-start the mining well in advance and this initiative of them was praised by the Chief Minister, he also assured that if required, and other mine owners are ready then he would not mind issuing the orders to those mining firms to resume the mining activities as soon as possible.


Parsekar displayed high caliber of optimism while speaking in front of the stakeholders of Vedanta and fellow cabinet colleagues saying that “The prices of iron ore may be falling, and profit margins may now be lesser. But no sane shopkeeper will shut down his shop just because he gets fewer profit margins. Instead, he will find the best possible ways to thrive in the business while also striving to give good service to his customers.” The other dignitaries present at the occasion were, Industries minister Mahadev Naik, Sanvordem MLA Ganesh Gaonkar, Curchorem MLA Nilesh Cabral, Sanguem MLA Subhash Phal Dessai, Sakhali MLA Pramod Sawant & BJP president Vinay Tendulkar.

Sesa Goa (Vedanta) CEO, Krishna Kumar expressed the confidence to regain the markets share in iron ore industry.

Though the resumption of the mining business is through but the actual mining operations may start only from the beginning of September 2015 due to the restructuring of the infrastructure including the re-construction of the roads and other facilities to facilitate the smooth operation “There is much that needs to be done. The iron ore processing plant needs to be brought back to operational mode, and the roads have to be redone. But the much-needed tempo for the work has set in, and is expected to gain momentum very soon,” said the sources. Once the needed tasks are done, the trucks and excavators will start roaring on the Codli mines once again.

The commencement of mining business will infuse the new life into the dying economy of Goa. What is your opinion on this? Will the resumption of mine bring the Goa back to its original status? Please do leave your valuable comments and suggestions on this issue.

Source: TNN

Edited by: Goa Prism News Desk   

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