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Goa Facing Drinking Water Shortage, Opposition Targets The Government

Drinking water shortage is not a new issue for the state and it keeps happening every year as the summer approaches. This is due to
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Goa Facing Drinking Water Shortage
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Drinking water shortage is not a new issue for the state and it keeps happening every year as the summer approaches. This is due to various reasons that include the spike in population and the increase in the tourism business. This year also Goa is facing the same issue and the opposition does not want to lose any single opportunity to target the government on this.

Congress held the ruling government responsible for the shortage of drinking water in the state. According to the reports, Congress on Wednesday said the shortage of drinking water has been felt in many parts of the state and it has exposed the government’s inefficiency.

The Congress Media Department chairperson, Amarnath Panjikar targeted the PWD minister Nilesh Cabral for the inefficiency of his government, “People are suffering due to the inefficiency of the political class,” Congress media department chairperson Amarnath Panjikar said.

It may be recalled that the Goa government had run a huge campaign on the drinking water in every home and the opposition was targeting them on the alleged false propaganda.

This year again the Congress took up the subject saying Last year, Goa was praised for having connected every house with piped water, but what’s the use of such connections without a regular water supply, he said?

According to Panjikar this is the election agenda of the ruling government, according to him In every election, be it municipal or assembly, voters are promised 24×7 water supply, but it is never fulfilled, Panjikar said but he did not mention that this is the agenda of every government including that of Congress during the election time.

The diversion of Mhedei has become the main focus this time as the opposition was against the diversion of the water while the ruling government paved the way to Karnataka by diverting the Mhadei water.

With Karnataka having been permitted to divert Mhadei water, in future the water crisis will only be aggravated, he said. “When it happens, we will have none to blame but BJP.”

The government should not give lame excuses but build infrastructure to ensure that all households receive regular water supply for at least a few hours a day if not 24×7, the Congress functionary said.

“It is sad that despite so many protests, the government has not done enough to resolve the issue,” he said. 

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