“I Met CM while Coming Back from IFFI Closing Ceremony, He is Fine and No Question of Replacing Him Arises”, says Vijai Sardesai

Following the news of BJP looking out for the options of replacement of the Chief Minister of Goa, the TCP Minister and Fatorda MLA spoke to PTI stating that there is no question of replacement of the CM as he is doing well and that he met him on his way back from the closing ceremony of IFFI (the International Film Festival of India) on the 28th November.

The news of Search For The New Chief Minister of Goa Begins appeared on the Goa Prism news portal on 29th November 2018. The issue of replacement of the existing Chief Minister on the grounds of his ill health may come to an end by the mid of December as the BJP high command has already begun the search for the new candidate to replace Mr. Parrikar.

The high command is waiting for the process of Ongoing Assembly Polls to get over so that they take some time to give strong thought over the new candidate to replace Mr. Parrikar on the health grounds.    

There is no doubt that the discontent is raising within the party and amongst the allies. The MGP Party President had already threatened the BJP leaders about the exit from the coalition along with their 3 MLAs if the issue of mining dependent is no settled.


The Calangute MLA Mr. Micheal Lobo has also been exhibiting discontent and targeting his own government over the issue of MLAs from opposition party being inducted into the BJP. According to the Goa Prism news article dated 3rd November, Mr. Lobo had averred that the Goa is heading for the president’s rule.    

“There is complete unrest in Goan society, especially among politicians, about the state of affairs in the Goa government. Nobody knows what is going to happen, which MLA will leave and join another party. Under such circumstances, I feel the assembly will be dissolved soon,” he stated. 

He also warned saying that soon there will be a major change going to take place in Goa. “We politicians are taking the people for granted. There will be a major change soon.”

Meanwhile, coming back to the reaction of Mr. Sardesai on the news of replacement of the Chief Minister, it may be considered that he is perhaps unaware of the developments taking place in the Goan politics so far following the deteriorating health condition of Mr. Parrikar, said the sources.

It is not alone the opposition who is disputing the health status of the CM but many a time the allies also came out with the statements into the media which suggests that the ill health of Mr. Parrikar is affecting the day to operate in the state.   

According to the NDTV reports, the ruling BJP has maintained the status quo that Mr. Parrikar is looking after the day to day affairs of governance despite his ill health condition, but the state’s opposition parties, and occasionally allies in the state government, have alleged that his health-related absence was bringing administration to a standstill.

Mr. Sardesai spoke to PTI about the health status of Mr. Parrikar and he confirmed that the CM is good in health and that there is no need of replacement. “I had met the CM while coming back from the closing ceremony function of IFFI (International Film Festival of India) (on November 28). He is fine. Where is the question of replacing him?” Mr. Sardesai said.

According to you what is the correct scenario here, the former one or the later one? Please do share your views on this news article.

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