If BJP does not take any firm decision on Mining issue, we will walk out of the coalition government, says MGP Party President

Deepak Dhavalikar and Vinay Tendulkar

It looks like this time the MGP party president Mr. Deepak Dhavalikar has decided to take a firm stand on the continuation of alliance with BJP in the absence of the concrete decision on the mining issue. He has made it clear before the BJP at Centre as well as state that, if they are unable to take a firm stand on the mining issue in Goa, the MGP party will have no option left but to walk out of the alliance along with their three MLAs.   

The MGP leader has given 15 days time to the BJP party to make a firm decision on mining resumption to help the mining-dependent people in the state. Mr. Dhavalikar said that MG party is strongly standing behind the BJP provided the party should take immediate steps to resume the mining in the state.

“In case of government fails to take a firm decision on the resumption of mining in the state, the MGP will clear its standby 15th of December and if required will walk out of the coalition government,” said Mr. Dhavalikar.

Mr. Dhavalikar had taken this decision following the mining-dependent took the morcha to his office demanding the solution for their problems. “MGP party will always remain by the side of mining dependent, and since the BJP is ruling at Centre as well in the state it will not be difficult to resume the mining,” he said.

Meanwhile, the ruling party seems to have taken a serious note of the threat given by the MGP leader and the BJP state president Vinay Tendulkar made a statement in the media saying that BJP is with the mining-dependent and they are trying their best to resume the mining as soon as possible. 

“I have already met the CM along with the two MPs and other dignitaries in regards to the resumption of mining in the state,” said Mr. Tendulkar adding that he is sure that the CM will soon come out with some solution on the mining issue. “Give us only 15 days, we have given the responsibility to Mr. Savaikar and nothing next 15 days you will get some positive news.”

Although he denied any confirmed status on the mining resumption in the state. “I cannot tell anything for sure, but the only thing I can say is, in the next 15 days we will have some solution on the mining issue.”

The mining dependent has given their final ultimatum to the government saying that if they do not come out with the proper solution on mining issue, they will make the agitation strong and if required they will go to Delhi with their grievances.         

“Its now eight months that government had assured the mining resumption in the state, but nothing has been done as yet,” said Puti Gaonkar, the leader of Mining dependent in the state adding that the MP, as well as the leaders of BJP, is not taking the issue seriously and it is high time for them to take a concrete decision on mining resumption.

It is very clear that due to the lack of leadership in the state, most of the decisions are pending without any future, and the mining issue is one of the most serious ones amongst them all. Now that the BJP party president has given an assurance that they will come out with a solution in the next 15 days, there is nothing much can be done except wait and watch.

Meanwhile, the MGP has already given an ultimatum to the government and in the coming days, the whole picture will become more clear. What do you think? The mining will resume in the state, in the next 15 days time? Will MGP keep its word to come out of the coalition government in case the government fails to keep their word? please do share your valuable comments on this.               

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