Goa is heading for the President’s Rule – Michael Lobo

One of the most loyal BJP candidate, deputy speaker of Goa assembly and elected representative of Calangute constituency Mr. Micheal Lobo started coming out against his own party policies lately so much so that he made a statement into the media saying that Goa assembly is heading towards the dissolution. he called the state of affair in the Goa is highly chaotic and no one knows what is going to happen, and if this continues, soon Goa will have a president’s rule.

There is no doubt that ruling coalition government under the banner of Manohar Parrikar is doing everything possible to remain in power, and they surely do not want the mid-term polls but, the drastic developments that are going in the Goan politics can only lead to dissolution.

Micheal Lobo, known as a kingmaker in Goa, does not seem to be very happy with the recent inductions of two Congress MLAs into BJP, and he is also not very happy with the appointment of two new cabinet ministers while he is still waiting for his turn.

It is not very clear if Mr. Lobo wants the mid-term polls to take place but, his statements and direct attacks on his own party makes the things look little suspicious.


According to the news reported by the Times of India Deputy Speaker of Goa Assembly and Calangute MLA Michael Lobo on Friday said that the political situation in Goa is leading towards the dissolution of the assembly. “There is complete unrest in Goan society, especially among politicians, about the state of affairs in the Goa government. Nobody knows what is going to happen, which MLA will leave and join another party. Under such circumstances, I feel the assembly will be dissolved soon,” he said.

He also warned saying that soon there will be a major change going to take place in Goa. “We politicians are taking the people for granted. There will be a major change soon.” There is no doubt that he was directly pointing out at the recent inductions of two Congress MLAs in BJP.

Michael Lobo said the “Jumping of MLAs” is weakening the actual base of a democracy. “In a democracy, there is a ruling side and an opposition. It is the duty of the opposition to highlight the issues of people. When people vote for a person of a certain party, they expect the MLA to stay in that party and not join another party, because that does not benefit the people. It only benefits the MLA,” he said.    

His statement made one thing clear that whatever is happening in the state is not in the favors of the people of Goa, and if anyone is benefiting from this is only the MLAs who keeps jumping into another party for their own benefits.

It may be recalled that almost three weeks back, Lobo had lambasted his own party for not doing enough to restart mining. He had also said the administration was not working and that recruitment in the government had not taken place due to the ill-health of the chief minister Manohar Parrikar who was then being treated at AIIMS, Delhi. Three days later, Parrikar called Lobo to AIIMS for a meeting, following which Lobo said he was promised by the chief minister that the process to start filling of vacancies in government departments will be initiated within two weeks.

It looks like as Parrikar sinking deeper into his almost non-treatable ailment, everyone started revolting against their own party policies and working style. Micheal Lobo is not alone who is unhappy with BJP. The recent induction of Congress MLA made the former Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar angry and he came out into the media coloring Parrikar government as a corrupt and unhealthy.

The possibilities of Mr. Parsekar joining hands with another political party or forming his own political party for contesting the forthcoming by-polls in his own constituency cannot be ruled out.

The by-polls which may take place in the next month in the two constituencies will be filled with huge political drama. Everyone will be testing their luck in this election, and it will also decide the fate of ruling BJP Coalition government in the state. What is your views on this, do you think that there will be a midterm election in the state and if that happens then which political party will rule Goa for the next three years?        

Image source: India Today  

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