Search For The New Chief Minister of Goa Begins

The issue of replacement of the existing Chief Minister on the the grounds of his ill heath may come come to an end by the mid of December as the BJP high command has already began the search for the new candidate to replace Mr. Parrikar. After the ongoing Assembly polls process in five states gets over the Bharatiya Janata Party is likely to replace Goa chief minister Manohar Parikkar on health grounds, revealed the sources.

The coalition government in Goa is on the verge of collapse due to the internal politics and high level of discontentment within the key allies. The BJP allies are waiting for an opportunity to take the major stake into the forthcoming portfolio distribution and without any doubt either of them wants to get the hold of major positions.

The dissatisfaction amongst the party men and coalition partner has not remained unnoticed by the high command, but since there is no replacement available at the moment, they are trying to pull the situation as much as possible.

Meanwhile, the growing revolt within the party may not allow them to carry on for long, and thus the BJP high command has decided to sort out this issue after the work of assembly polls in the five states by the mid of December.


According to the Deccan Chronicle the BJP party has developed the feeling that there is a need for replacement of Mr. Parrikar due to his prolonged illness.

The speculations of coalition government is on the verge of crisis, many senior leaders have shown their willingness to take up the responsibility on the account of their seniority and amongst them are, the PWD Minister Mr. Sudin Dhavalikar, Ayush Miniser for state Mr. Shripad Naik, Goa Assembly Speaker Mr. Pramod Sawant and the Health Minister Mr. Vishwajit Rane are on the forefront.

Except for Mr. Dhavalikar, who is the leader of MGP party, one of the major allies of BJP, rest of the contenders are from within the party and that has became the issue of concern for the high command, said the sources.

The Deccan Chronicle has revealed that, although the BJP high command has maintained that Mr. Parrikar will continue to be CM of Goa, the search for the suitable replacement of Parrikar has begun and the party will only select the candidate which is acceptable by the key allies.   

It is learnt that the BJP wants to thwart any attempt by the Congress to dislodge its government in Goa before 2019 Lok Sabha polls as it would affect the saffron outfit’s image adversely. 

To avoid any discrepancies amongst the key allies and the aspirants within the party, BJP chief Mr. Amit Shah had a one to one meeting with the keys allies and BJP aspirants in Delhi last month.

However, sources stated that a decision on change in leadership is likely to be announced only after the ongoing Assembly poll process is completed on December 11.  

The health situation of Parrikar has taken a toll on governance in the state, and the opposition had left no stone unturned to demand the resignation of the Chief Minister who is presently confined into his residence in Dona Paula under the high security and no one except his family members are allowed tp visit him.

There are several speculations and allegation about his health status on the social media but, till date no confirmed news has been come out. The media brings only the news that has been fed by the CMO office and their social media page.

The state is going through a real bad situation due to the absence of Mr. Parrikar who has been a driving force behind the Goan politics. Do you have anything to share with on this issue?      

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