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Seeking to Shake BJP’s Foundation, Congress Field Ex-Law Minister and Kargil Hero For Lok Sabha

Coinciding with BJP Foundation Day, the Goa Congress declared former Law Minister Ramakant Khalap and Naval Veteran and Kargil War Hero Captain Viriato Fernandes as
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Congress Field Ex-Law Minister
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Coinciding with BJP Foundation Day, the Goa Congress declared former Law Minister Ramakant Khalap and Naval Veteran and Kargil War Hero Captain Viriato Fernandes as the North and South Goa Lok Sabha candidates respectively on 6th April 2024. Former Minister Alina Sardanha and her supporters joined Congress.

GPCC President Amit Patkar confidently declared the candidates, stating that they would be the voice of Goans in Parliament.

Leader of Opposition Yuri Alemao emphasized that as a loyal soldier, Captain Viriato Fernandes would wage war for Goans, while the legal luminary, Adv. Ramakant Khalap, would protect the constitution. He further added that the victory of the candidates is the need of the hour, essential in their fight for Goan interests such as Mhadei, unemployment, and crony capitalism.

He explained the delay in declaration was due to the party scrutinizing and analyzing to field a candidate who is incorruptible, with the blessings of Goans. He added that they consulted the people and cooperated.

He also revealed that as Congress candidates were declared, Goans congratulated the party. He also reaffirmed former Lok Sabha MP Francisco Sardinha’s loyalty to the party.

Former President Girish Chodanker expressed his discontent with the state and central government. He further claimed that he couldn’t find the “Ache Din” they promised and alleged corruption and misgovernance.

He further likened the upcoming Lok Sabha election on 7th May as the second opinion poll day to protect Goan identity and small societies. He alleged that BJP is disrespecting its workers by declaring Pallavi Dempo, who newly joined, as their Lok Sabha Candidate. He added that the party workers have to work with the 8 Congress MLAs they hated who defected to BJP.

The Lok Sabha candidates expressed their gratitude to Congress Leader Sonia Gandhi, ministers, leaders, as well as grassroots Congress party workers.

Ramakant Khalap asserted that he had made India proud in the international community during his tenure as Law Minister. Revealing that BJP North Goa candidate Shripad Naik is his friend, he said his integrity was questioned, but he affirmed that he would win against his friend in the political competition.

Captain Viriato Fernandes promised to represent Goan activists, fishermen, etc. He also shared his intention to seek justice for Siddhi Naik.

Amit Patkar then revealed that former minister and Cortalim MLA Alina Sardanha, who had been associated with BJP, has joined the Congress. He declared it as a bold step and stated that many BJP leaders and party workers would join Congress, leaving the saffron party due to their discontent.

Alina Sardanha attributed her joining Congress to her nostalgia for Goa, where there was peace, order, and friendship under the Congress rule. She further added that the small state was beautiful, with talent and sincerity missing under the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Asked by the press if there was a reason for declaring the candidates on BJP Foundation Day, Amit Patkar answered that they wanted to shake the foundation of BJP.

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