Congress Youth catches fire while burning the Effigy of Tourism Minister

Youth Catches Fire While Burning Efigy Image Source NT

The remarks made by the tourism minister on the gang rape of two Delhi women in the state had created the wave of disgust among the people of Goa and rest of the world against him which subsequently made him to take his words back in front of the press, but he still maintained that it was a small incident and that its inevitable in a place where tourism flourishes. “I said what I said based on the report given to me by the police. I have said this in the past and I am saying this again that in places where tourism flourishes such small incidents occur,” Parulekar said.

Parulekar today said no Goans are involved in the incident. “Neither the accused nor the victims are Goans. The boys were outsiders and the victims were from Delhi. We are still trying to ascertain facts and figures. It is unclear what their connection…Police is investigating and the accused are in 7-day custody. By tomorrow we will figure out what the facts of the case are,” he said.

“Such stray incidents are bound to take place in a busy tourist destination like Goa,” Parulekar had said. “The boys are ‘nadaan’ (naive) and they have small crimes registered against them…This will not happen in future,” he said. The congress spokesman Sunil Kawathankar had protested the mannerism of the minister saying that “Parulekar should be removed from the post of minister for such insensitive comments. How can tourists trust Goa when it has such a minister,” Goa congress spokesman Sunil Kawathankar said. He said the party strongly condemns the attitude of the minister. “The law and order situation in the state has gone to the lowest level posing threat to common man on the street,” he added. “It looks like the Tourism Minister has lost his mental balance,” said another Congress leader Durgadas Kamat.

The youth congress workers, who became furious over his comments, had burnt his effigy in the city to show their protest against the tourism minister of Goa. But while burning the effigy of the tourism minister the accident took place in which two youth congress members, general secretary Varad Mardolkar and a worker Deepak Pai recived the burn injuries. According to the report On Saturday afternoon, Mardolkar, Pai along with other Youth Congress workers were burning Parulekar’s effigy below the state Congress headquarters in Panaji, when they were injured after the fire flared up suddenly and singed the duo.


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Meanwhile the Goa chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar asked the police department to initiate impartial inquiry into the gang rape incident that was reported on Monday night. He avoided commenting on the statement of his ministerial colleague, but as far as Home department is concerned the police is doing their job well and investigation is in progress.  “I have asked the police to conduct impartial inquiry into the incident. Police are on their job and investigations are on right track,” the Chief Minister told the media. “The Police are on the lookout for a woman accomplice of these five accused who was at the scene when the incident happened.” He added.

 Source: PTI 

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