A City Left in Shock After The Murder of A Goldsmith Swapnil Walke

Goldsmith Swapnil Walke
Goldsmith Swapnil Walke Was Stabbed IN Broad daylight (Image Credits: Heraldo)

The residents of the commercial town of Margao were in shock, as the city – known for its calm, bustling yet safe surroundings, witnessed a gruesome murder of a businessman, right on the busy streets of the city. 

Swapnil Walke – in his young 40’s – was at the receiving end of a tragic incident, as he bled profusely, sitting at the steps of his shop, Krishni Jewellers, located in the heart of the city, behind Grace Church, Margao.

It all occurred when two persons entered his shop, past 12 noon, and demanded the jewelry be handed over to them. Courageous as he was, Swapnil Walke declined to their demands, which resulted in a scuffle. 

The robbers, armed with a country-made pistol, fired at Walke and also reportedly stabbed him. The businessman, valiant in character, aimed to get a grasp of the accused persons. The incident then moved out, into the public view, on the street outside his shop. 


The accused stabbed Walke again and made a flee from the scene, as onlookers, still confused at what was unfolding, stood in silence as the culprits made a run towards the Alto Monte area of the city. 

The pistol, along with a magazine, one empty cartridge, three live rounds & a knife case has been recovered by the police from the crime scene. 

Social media was in shock after videos, along with photographs of the incident surfaced online, with many questioning the silence on the path of the bystanders, who if pitched in, could have averted such a grave situation.

According to the locals in the area, the accused stabbed the goldsmith and made a run, as some said they were confused and not aware of what was happening. It was only when Swapnil sat on the steps bleeding, that onlookers realized the severity of the issue and called for help, said one.  

The police which arrived at the spot shifted Walke, who was bleeding copiously to the Hospicio hospital in their van, however, he was declared ‘brought dead’ by the hospital authorities. His body is currently kept at the TB hospital morgue. 

Crime Branch, in a late-night raid, arrested two accused for their involvement in the case and have handed them over to the Margao Police station. According to reports, the police were unable to trace the persons from the CCTV footage, and hence decide to trace his friend and through him, detained the accused. 

According to police sources, the inquiry in the case is currently underway at the Margao police station, while the search for the third accused – Mustafa Sheikh, believed to have stabbed the goldsmith – is underway.

The police sources have also stated that nothing has been reported missing from the shop, however, they will be exploring all angles while investigating this case. 

Several leaders took to social media to express their shock over this incident. Margao MLA Digambar Kamat tweeted about the incident sayin, “Completely devasted with the news of daylight stabbing of a young businessman from Margao Swapnil Walke on his jewellery shop. Complete collapse of Law & Order in the State of Goa. I demand immediate action in nabbing the murderers. Appeal to all to please remain safe.”

BJP leader from Margao Sharmad Raiturkar said, “Swapnil Walke was a gentleman. Although nothing can bring him back again, he shud get justice. I have faith in our police force. They can and they will catch the murderers at the earliest. Its high time Margao undergoes an about change.”

“We never witnessed such crimes in the open in the city. This is shocking to all,” said a local resident. The same voice is being echoed by many across the city, who have long lived here and have never witnessed such gruesome acts. 

Another local resident taking to social media said, “A daylight robbery attempt in Margao. The owner stabbed to death. I strongly condemn the horrifying attack on the owner of Krishni Jewellers, Swapnil Walke.”

(This is a developing story, more details awaited)

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