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Transportation Woes: Loutulim Locals Struggle with Lack of Buses

Discover the challenges faced by Loutulim locals due to the scarcity of buses, hindering daily commutes, economic growth, and access to education. Learn more about
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Local Buses in Goa
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Despite being a tourist capital, Goa suffers from poor public transport infrastructure. Every day in Loutulim and its surrounding villages, villagers often endure long waits for buses.

Loutulim, a small yet tranquil village nestled between Cortalim and Margao, appears deserted due to minimal vehicular activity. Buses opt for the Margao to Verna route, avoiding Loutulim.

The villagers heavily rely on a few private buses to reach Margao. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the already dire transportation situation in Loutulim. During the pandemic, only a few buses operated, and post-pandemic, there are merely 3-4 private buses to Margao via Loutulim, often irregular due to discretionary holidays.

Buses returning from Margao cease operations by 6:30 pm, leaving commuters stranded. Limited access to South Goa further isolates the locals, hindering development and job opportunities.

Fathima Noronha, a resident, lamented the failure of the village panchayat to procure new buses for Loutulim. Maria Pimenta, another local, described bus travel as exhausting and health-degrading, with long waits and overcrowded conditions.

The scarcity of buses contributes to overcrowding, causing discomfort and impacting academic and work performance. Consequently, missed opportunities, economic losses, and reduced tourism plague Loutulim.

Local businesses suffer, and students face challenges accessing higher education outside the village, leading to tardiness and exam disruptions. Consequently, many locals seek better prospects in major Goan cities or abroad due to the arduous travel conditions, particularly concerning the safety of women and children.

KTC officials attribute the lack of buses to low route traffic. An anonymous official outlined the bureaucratic process for increasing bus services, emphasizing the need for community demand.

To ensure the safety of women and children and enhance opportunities for the youth, locals urge the panchayat to augment KTC bus services on the Loutulim route. However, the issue remains unresolved.

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