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Mandovi Riviera Sealed by Tourism Department Amidst Payment Default

Discover the recent developments surrounding the Mandovi Riviera as the Tourism Department takes decisive action to seal the prime premises in Panjim. Learn about the
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Mandovi Reveira
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In a decisive move, the Department of Tourism has taken control of the illustrious Mandovi Riviera, strategically situated along the picturesque banks of the Mandovi river in Panjim. The enforcement action, which involved the sealing of the premises, comes as a consequence of the lessee’s failure to meet rental payment obligations.

Dating back 27 years, the prime establishment, including a restaurant and its encompassing area, was initially leased to a local firm. Over the years, this lease arrangement underwent renewal cycles every nine years. However, recent developments prompted the Department of Tourism to issue a formal notice to the leaseholder, urging them to vacate the premises due to an accumulated debt of approximately Rs 19 lakh.

In response to the notice, the leaseholder contested the directive issued by the Director of Tourism, asserting their lack of authority in the matter. Subsequently, the case was escalated, and the Tiswadi Deputy Collector intervened, ultimately ruling in favour of the Department of Tourism. This definitive decision paved the way for a dedicated team of department officials to visit the location and assert control by sealing the restaurant and its adjacent space.

This development highlights the government’s commitment to upholding contractual agreements and maintaining the integrity of such establishments. The action is a reminder that adherence to financial responsibilities is paramount, significantly when these obligations contribute to the upkeep and enhancement of Goa’s vibrant tourism landscape.

As Goa continues to flourish as a sought-after destination, preserving its diverse offerings for both locals and visitors alike remains a top priority. The episode of the Mandovi Riviera underscores the significance of cooperation between the authorities and business entities in nurturing a sustainable and thriving tourism sector.

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