According to the sources, at leat four more Congress MLAs may quit the party following the exit of senior leader Vishwajit Rane in the wake of uncertainty prevailing at the senior level of party cadre. Vishwajit was very upset with the party functioning in Goa after the election results. Vishwajit is the son of veteran congress leader Pratapsingh Rane who was also the leader of opposition in the past.

The sources have revealed that Vishwajit decided to quit the Congress in disgust over post result fiasco due to the inaction of the senior party leaders in the state. Mr. Rane, annoyed over the congress functionality in the state asked “If (BJP leader Nitin) Gadkari could take the decision, why not our seniors? ” Rane questioned, angry over how Congress with its 17 seats was unable to form a majority in Goa. The party with no mandate went on claiming for the government formation and despite getting the highest numbers of the seat in Goa assembly, the Congress remained unsuccessful to do the same made Vishwajit upset.    

According to the sources, Vishwajit P Rane, the Congress MLA from Valpoi and the leader of opposition in the outgoing Assembly, has announced he is quitting the party today. Rane is also the son veteran Congressman and former Goa Chief Minister Pratapsingh Rane. An angry Rane told the India Today about his exit, slamming the way Congress failed to stitch together a majority in Goa despite emerging as the single-largest party after winning 17 seats. “I am very disillusioned with the way the Goa scenario was handled is very shameful,” he said. He indicated that more MLAs could follow in his footsteps, saying, “Congress MLAs are disgusted.”


Meanwhile, the national Congress party leader K C Venugopal has admiringly said that there is an urgent need of reconsidering the strategy and policies of the Congress in Goa and denied that anybody is leaving the party, “Nobody will leave the Congress.” Venugopal said that he will speak to Vishwajit about the matter. Junior Rane who is furious over the party losing its grounds in the state over the selfish motives made the point that party should have worked more swiftly and taken the decision on the coalition with Goa Forward who had approached them with their demands. “Had the Congress accepted the demands of the Goa Forward Party, which has three MLAs, it would be sitting on the treasury benches,” Said the Junior Rane adding that, “Certain senior leaders should be hanged, those who scuttled the demands of the Goa Forward.” At the end, GFP went on to support the BJP, which had managed to win only 13 seats in the 40-member Goa Assembly.

Mr. Vishwajit said that if BJP leader Nitin Gadkari can take the decision despite not being in majority then why Congress cannot? “(BJP leader Nitin) Gadkari could take the decision, why not our seniors?” Rane questioned. It may be recalled that Gadkari and Micheal Lobo had played a vital role in ensuring that BJP formed the government. “I told Digvijay Singh (Congress general secretary) that I am done with the working of the Congress party.” He went on to echo Singh’s claims about money having played a role in BJP’s post-poll alliance.             


“They (BJP) were auctioning posts for the leader of the legislative party, it was very shameful,” Rane claimed. “When we were 17 we should have swiftly moved and compromises should have been made.” Rane signed off, saying the post-result fiasco would cost the Congress dearly in the future. “People in my constituency say…they have blacklisted the congress party, my voters say they will not accept the Congress again.” Meanwhile, Manohar Parrikar, who today formally resigned as the union defense minister, is set to take oath as the new Goa chief minister tomorrow that is Tuesday.

In the meantime, there was a news about the filing of a petition in the supreme court against the appointment of the former RM (Raksha Mantri) on the post of Goa CM without contesting an election. We will take a look at this in our next post, but meanwhile, you can leave your valuable suggestions and comments on this issue.



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