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BJP Leaders in Goa Express Gratitude and Confidence After High Voter Turnout

BJP leaders in Goa express gratitude for the third phase of Lok Sabha elections, highlighting high voter turnout despite challenges. Read more on their confidence
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BJP leaders in Goa have expressed gratitude following the conclusion of the third phase of Lok Sabha elections, citing a remarkable voter turnout despite adverse weather conditions.

Sadanand Tanawade, the President of BJP Goa, hailed the voter participation, which surpassed 75% by the end of phase 3. He attributed this robust turnout to the confidence reposed by voters, particularly women and youth, in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s national leadership and Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant’s governance at the state level.

Tanawade commended Dr. Pramod Swant’s ability to effectively juggle official responsibilities with campaign duties, serving as a source of inspiration for supporters. He underscored BJP’s strategic initiatives such as Ghao Chalo and Booth Chalo Abhiyan as instrumental in bolstering their campaign efforts.

Addressing alleged attempts by the Congress to sow division along religious and caste lines and besmirch CM Dr. Pramod Sawant’s image, Tanawade expressed appreciation for the campaign contributions of top BJP leaders like Home Minister Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with the tireless efforts of all BJP workers.

Assuring supporters of impending success, Tanawade predicted significant victories for BJP candidates, with Shripad Naik anticipated to win North Goa by a substantial margin and Pallavi Dempo securing a commanding lead, aligning with BJP’s ambitious target of exceeding 400 seats.

Shripad Naik, BJP’s candidate for North Goa Lok Sabha, extended gratitude to the media for amplifying their message and countering misinformation. He thanked Goan voters for their steadfast support, particularly amidst challenging circumstances.

Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant expressed appreciation for the Election Commission’s collaborative efforts in enhancing voter turnout. He lauded innovative initiatives introduced by the Goa Election Commission, such as eco-friendly Green booths and pink booths targeting women voters, which fostered a vibrant electoral atmosphere.

Dr. Sawant expressed confidence in further increasing voter participation in subsequent phases through collaborative efforts with the Election Commission of India. He echoed Tanawade’s observations regarding significant leads in various constituencies and acknowledged ongoing efforts to address challenges in others.

Highlighting organizational shortcomings within the Congress, Dr. Sawant commended INDIA leaders for their campaign involvement. He also suggested potential fractures within the INDIA alliance, particularly in light of legal issues faced by AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal, which could weaken the alliance.

Reiterating their commitment to realizing Prime Minister Modi’s vision of a developed India by 2047, Dr. Sawant emphasized BJP’s proactive stance on addressing pertinent issues such as OCI and ST political reservation. He affirmed confidence in BJP’s inclusive appeal, transcending traditional divides of caste and creed to resonate with voters across the spectrum.

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