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TDOC launches Goa’s First Design Experience Centre

Discover the inauguration of Goa's inaugural design experience center by The Design Online Company, offering expertly curated sustainable architectural and interior design solutions. Learn about
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The Design Online Company (TDOC) has recently inaugurated Goa’s inaugural design experience centre, heralding a new era in expertly curated sustainable architectural and interior design solutions. Vishwajit P. Rane, the TCP minister, underscored the imperative of bolstering local and sustainable architecture entrepreneurs during the center’s grand opening.

Founded by architects Hemlata Pai Raikar and Sacheen Pai Raikar, the venture serves as a paramount consultation and conceptualization space for the architecture and interior design communities, fostering innovative ideation and meticulous spatial planning.

Both Vishwajit P. Rane and Deviya Rane extended their congratulations to the esteemed architect couple, lauding their extensive expertise and longstanding commitment to establishing the design experience center.

As the chief guest, Vishwajit P. Rane reiterated the paramount importance of endorsing local entrepreneurs engaged in sustainable construction and design.

Dr. Deviya Rane, serving as the guest of honor, articulated that the Design Online Company stands poised to become an unparalleled beacon of inspiration, catalyzing the transformation of ideas into tangible realities. She underscored TDOC’s mission to set exemplary standards within the design industry, leveraging its unique platform where all design requisites converge seamlessly.

Drawing from the wisdom of Steve Jobs, Dr. Deviya Rane encapsulated TDOC’s ethos, emphasizing its steadfast dedication to marrying aesthetic appeal with functional efficacy.

TDOC offers both in-person and online consultations, ensuring equitable accessibility to its exemplary services for individuals residing beyond Goa’s confines. The center extends an array of services, including initial consultations for blueprint creation, collaborative design processes, and state-of-the-art material selection facilitated by cutting-edge virtual reality and artificial intelligence systems. Moreover, TDOC oversees the seamless execution of designs within its inviting premises, striving to provide patrons with a comfortable and convenient avenue to envision and realize their dream projects under expert guidance.

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