Use of Mobiles Banned in Examination Hall


To ensure that there is no  leakage of questions papers during the ongoing examination of Std XII  and ensuring the same During the 10 Std examination, the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (GBSHSE) has banned the usage of all gadgets specially mobile phone for both teachers as well as students in the examination hall.

GBSHSE chairman J.R Rebello said that “Except few key people on examination duty no other staff member and student are allowed to carry their mobile phones or any other communication devices during examination hours. The advisory has been displayed in all examinations centers and officials are appointed so that the instructions are not violated. Regular checks are been done in the examination halls by us(GBSHE) and also the officials including the examiners and moderators ( who are also covered under this ban).

In an awakening situation in Mumbai leakage incident where an snapshot of book keeping and accountancy paper was found circulated on whatsapp just before writing HSSC exam. The prilimary inquiry revealed that it must be the work of a student who by chance might have got a chance to sneak his/her phone in the examination hall. Rebello also said in order to avoid such situation of leakage of questions papers the GBSHSE have ensured complete security on all sealed question papers and have also taken utmost care that all the sealed bundles are opened in their respective classes besides there are also measures taken within the campus.

Due to the Zilla Parishad election held on 18th March the last paper of Std XII is rescheduled to 20th March further the results will be announced on May 10th.The Std X examination will commence from 31st march and the results will be declared after fortnight of std XII results.



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