Two more people have been tested positive for Swine flu.


Two more people have been tested positive for swine flu in the state, along with this several other samples are sent to the National Center for disease control (NCDC) in New Delhi for examination. From Goa 69 samples have been sent to Delhi and so far 16 have been tested positive. According to the union Health Ministry the swine flu death toll in the country has risen to 1,482 while the number of affected persons crossed the 26,000 mark across various states.

The directorate of Health Services says that Goa is in a better positon to handle any H1N1 outbreak. Health minister Francis D’souza said that the on every test Goa Government has to spend over Rs 2,500 including sending the samples by courier and the results also takes time. He further said that “Henceforth we will send the samples to Manipal Hospital and the cost will be Rs 450”. The state can treat 100 infected people at a time with 50 patients in DHS and 50 patients In GMC as there is that much sock of medicines.

According to the authorities people who have been diagnosed of HN1 virus have travelled to goa from outside and there are no cases grown in Goa. From the two cases from south Goa who have recently diagnosed of swine flu one of them had travelled to Bengaluru Said Dr. Utkarsh Betodkar, state epidemiologist. Both of them have already received treatment and are being observed regularly.

The state is not willing to buy the WHO argument on vaccines. Health Minister said “It is a curable sickness, if detected in time. Except for one death everybody has been cured. We cannot vaccinate the whole population in Goa,” Adding further “And for a normal person it is just common cold. Only people who have diabetic complications are at risk.

The health services have recommended precautions which include covering of mouth and nose with a handkerchief or tissue while coughing or sneezing, washing your hands with soap and water frequently   before and after touching your nose, eyes or mouth, avoid crowded places, drinking plenty water and getting adequate sleep of at least hours.



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