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Man Buries his ill bedridden Wife Alive in Goa

Humanity has reached such a stage wherein there is no sense of duty is left in the people. This is one of the most disputing
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Humanity has reached such a stage wherein there is no sense of duty is left in the people. This is one of the most disputing cases that happened in Bicholim Goa wherein a frustrated over her prolonged illness a 46-Year-Old man buried his bedridden wife alive. The matter came into the light when the body was discovered by the workers working on the excavator machine in that area.

According to the report published by the TOI, Frustrated with his wife’s illness that made her bedridden, a 46-year-old man buried her alive on Wednesday night. Tukaram Shetgaonkar from Marmavada at Narvem in Bicholim buried his wife at the canal construction site for the Tillari irrigation project.

The police sources said the murder came into the light on Thursday morning around 10 am when the people working on the levering of the mud at Canal discovered the dead body of a lady.   

The accused tried to obstruct the mud levering work when he saw the workers with the excavators were about the begin the work of mud leveling saying he has an objection.

But workers refused to listen to Shetgaonkar and continued with their work. The earthmover was put into the talk and started excavating the mud from the spot where the body was buried and in no time the body was exposed out of the mud.

Shocked workers saw the dead body of a female buried in the mud which was partially exposed by then due to mud excavation. The accused Shetgaonkar who was standing nearby saw the same and fled from the spot.

Police was summoned who sent the body to GMC for the post-mortem and after hearing the story from worker they called Shetgaonkar to the police station for investigation.

The accused Shetgaonkar could not stand the police interrogation for long and he spilled the beans.

In his confession the accused told police that he buried his 44-year-old wife alive as she was suffering from illness and due to utter poverty he could not take care of her anymore and he decided to take the drastic step out of frustration.

The accused also told the police that due to their pathetic financial condition his 14-year-old son had to stop attending the school.

Goa Prism’s Take In this Case

There is no excuse of poverty should be allowed to give relief to the accused in this case. There are government hospitals and Schools that could have taken care of his wife and son, and if he had work a little harder, he could have surely come out of the poverty blanket where he is presently trying hide.     

Source: TOI

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