Unknown Persons Attacks Saw Mill Owner In Anjuna, The Incident Captured on CCTV Camera

Anjuna Saw Mill Attack
The CCTV Capture of Anjuna Saw Mill Attack

In a shocking incident, a Saw Mill owner and a few of his employees were attacked by unknown persons at his workplace yesterday evening. This occurred at Saraswati Saw Mill in the Anjuna area yesterday evening around 4 PM. One of the persons seriously wounded in the attack.  

The entire incident, caught on CCTV cameras, shows unknown persons barging entry into the office of the warehouse and attacking one male person. Another angle at the premises shows unknown five to eight persons, arriving in a Swift white car, and approaching the owner of the mill and attacking him with fists and blows. 

According to sources, three attackers arrived earlier demanded certain goods from the mill at a reduced rate, to which the owner declined. An altercation broke out, and the three unknown persons – reportedly said to be under the influence of alcohol – threatened to get a larger group of persons at the site. 


Later, the three arrived along with a larger group and began attacking and they further manhandled the owner of the mill, and a few others, throwing goods and wood items around the place, causing utter chaos. 

The attackers, as can be viewed through CCTV footage, even attacked one person with a wooden log on his head, causing grievous injuries to the person on the spot. The person currently is in serious condition admitted in a private hospital in North Goa. 

This attack comes just after a week of the gruesome murder witnessed in the commercial city of Margo. The sawmill has been operating for years in the area, and no such untoward incident was ever recorded at the place. 

Police investigations are currently on and the suspects involved in the attack have been identified by the police – five of them already arrested by the police.  

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