Top lawyer of Goa appears on behalf of rape victim’s stepmother

The rape case of a minor girl taking a lot of twists and turns with allegations and defenses that are coming up in the news media. Babush appointed Rajiv Gomes to defend himself in this case while the step-mother of Victim girl has hired one of the top lawyers in the town to defend her case. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] The Sessions Court Panaji has extended the police custody of Babush Monseratte for another three days while sending the victim’s stepmother into police custody remand for another three days. Both the accused were brought to the Sessions Court on Monday since the child court Judge was not present.

Police demanded an extension of the custody of Babush for another ten days on the grounds that he is not co-operating in the investigation and also they need to record the statements of the witnesses in this case. Police feel that in the case accused granted the bail he being the powerful person can influence the witnesses in this case.

The counsel of Babush Monseratte, argued the matter saying that his client is co-operating with the investigation completely while the investigation agencies are not doing proper investigations. They are just taking the accused for various medical checkups instead of doing a proper investigation. Accused does not interfere with any witnesses in any manner.

While the senior lawyer, Damodar Dhond, appearing on the behalf of victim’s mother has argued in the court saying that his client is poor and innocent. “The investigation agencies raided the house of client and they found nothing but rupees 4 thousand which is my client’s salary. My client is working as a housemaid for different people and two people have paid her 2500 and 1500 each,” Adv. Dhond told the media while talking to them outside the court premises.


Meanwhile, the defense lawyer for Babush, Rajiv Gomes, told the media that his client is co-operating with the investigation from day one and investigation agencies are not doing their work properly. “They are not collecting the evidence which will prove that Babush Monseratte is actually innocent. They need to get the evidence which they have failed to do so till date,” he said.

Presently all the medical tests of Babush is going and on the 12th, the picture will get clearer when both the accused will be produced before the children’s court. Meanwhile, the defense lawyer for the stepmother is in the process of applying for her bail on the next hearing.

Meanwhile, the victim’s mother who is calling herself innocent has already told the investigation team that her daughter is a habitual liar and could not be trusted. People are the best judge to take a look at this case from the different angles and give their opinion.

Source: Various sources        


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