My daughter is a habitual liar claims the stepmother of rape victim

Based on the available information from the reliable sources, the rape victim’s stepmother has told the media that her daughter is a habitual liar. With this statement, she is in the process of proving that all the allegations leveled by the victim girl are lies? What kind of proof is she going to present before the courts to prove her alleged statement? Here are some of the shocking revelations made her before the police investigation team.  Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] The burning issue these days in Goa involving legislator Atanasio (Babush) Monserrate is day by day seen taking twists and turns in the story from the side of accused and that of the victim. As we all know coin has a two sides to it likewise, every story has an insight story which is the other side of it.

As reported by the Heraldo, the stepmother of 16-year-old rape victim is making all attempts to defend herself by trying to prove her daughter a ‘habitual liar.’ How far is it true? Here are some of the instances which victim’s mother has spoken about which could help in getting some vital clues of an overall nature of the victim. Though Crime Branch SP has denied any such revelations by the accused, these revelations could actually turn the entire case if they are found relevant and true.

The stepmother of the victim, detailed testimony to the crime branch (CB) revealing incidents wherein her daughter faked of either her family or friends’ sickness to borrow money from different people. Accused three-day custody ends on Monday.

The stepmother revealed to the authorities who were interrogating her over the alleged rape by Monserrate. However, Crime Branch SP Kartik Kashyap has denied any such revelations by the mother.


While her interrogation by CB she questioned them back saying, if she had to sell her daughter at Rs 50 lakh, for which she is accused of, why she would approach the police a month ago to trace her missing daughter then and lodge her in Apna Ghar.

She also spoke about all the incidents from first in which her daughter took money from different people. In the very first incident as said by the accused the victim mortgaged a pair of earrings, ring and a bracelet with one bar owner for Rs 12,000 approximately.

As per senior officer told Herald referring to the deposition copy, “She told the bar owner that her friend was in desperate need of money and she took the step forward to help the needy. However, when her mother realized that her daughter had taken a loan against the gold ornaments, she (mother) confronted the minor.”

She also spoke how she had to borrow Rs 15,000 from a Nepali colleague to get the jewelry back. At this time, she realized that her daughter had allegedly faked about her friend.  The officer said, “The bar owner returned the jewelry and took back Rs 12,000 he had paid the girl, without levying any interest. He pulled up the girl for lying.” It is said that the bar owner will be summoned soon for the recording of statement.

As reported, Days later mother have told the CB, the school dropout had mortgaged another gold earring with someone at Vasco for Rs 5,000. In a bid to release the earrings, she once again confronted her daughter asking to get it back. The officer said, “The mother gave the amount to the juvenile to release the earrings but instead she spent part of it at a beauty parlor. One of the employees of the parlor came knocking at the victim’s house and asked the stepmother for the balance Rs 2,800 the daughter had not paid.”

That was not all, the victim had told one of her male friends that she was in need of Rs 20,000 and she needs money as her sibling is suffering from kidney problem. He still didn’t give her the full amount, but only 5,000.  Hence, as said by the police sources, the male friend’s statement was recorded before the investigating team. “The incidents corroborate,” he said.

As it was reported earlier this came with Babush statement, that the minor had stolen Rs 4,000 cash from the lifestyle showroom and had borrowed Rs 3,000 from the manager.

As it could not be trusted without evidence, police are not blindly relying on the deposition. The investigation is still underway and witnesses’ statements are in the process of record.

As told by the officer, “The accused can say anything to defend them from the case. We are unearthing the truth. The investigation is underway.” But if the statements given by the stepmother are found true there will be no doubt that case will take a twisting turn for sure.

Source: Heraldo


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