Tenants Attack The Landlord and Robs Cash, Gold Ornaments and Electronic Items

Allowing Tenants Into the premises without proper police verification could lead to the dangerous consequences and something similar have been faced by one of the Old Goan couples who has been thrashed and robbed by the Tenants on the wee hours of Sunday. The incident supposed to have taken place Guirdolim in Chandor. The Old couple who are presently being treated at the Hospecio in Margao.

According to the reports, the old couple faced life-threatening consequences on the wee hours of Sunday when two of their Former tenants staying in their house at Guirdorim in Chandor had attacked on them and robbed them of the cash worth Rs. 50,000 along with the Gold Ornaments and Electronic gadgets. The names of the accused given as Anwar Shaikh and Sarfaraz Adam are presently under arrest.

Many Goans give their houses on rent to the strangers without a proper agreement and police verification and results of the same are sometimes very dangerous. According to the police reports, the accused, Anwar Shaik and Sarfaraz Adam, living with the old couple threatened them with a knife and caused them grievous injuries and wounds. They robbed gold ornaments, a cash of Rs 50,000 and electronics from the house. This particular incident is the consequences of the negligent couple keeping tenants on illegal terms.

According to the police, the victim Joaquim Estebeiro (75), and Maria Estebeiro (68) kept the tenants in their house without a proper police verification and identification proof. Neither was an agreement made. The tenants took the advantage of the old couple. On the day of the incident, 1st July 2018, the accused locked the couple out of the room, and took the key of the cupboard to rob the gold and cash.

In a report from Goa 365, Maria Estebeiro claims that she doesn’t recognize who the burglars were. It is also known that the house is situated near a railway track. The 2 accused came by train and entered the house by removing the roof tiles.

According to the reports from The Goan, South Goa Superintendent of Police Arvind Gawas stated, “The main accused has told the police that he had stayed for four months in the rented rooms leased out by the victims in their property adjoining the house. During this period, they carried out a recce of the house and it helped him to enter the house by removing the roof tiles.” The couple had previously denied recognition of the tenants.

Mr. Estebeiro narrates flashbacks of the incident at the hospital, “The burglars threatened me and my wife with a knife and took the cupboard keys from us while locking us outside the room.” Items like gold, cash, and electronics were stolen from the house. The burglars fled away soon after the crime was committed. After they left, the couple raised an alarm following to which the neighbors came rushing and admitted the couple in the hospital. The police were informed of an incident.

The police arrested the two criminals who were allegedly involved in the theft. The arrest took place on the same night and the accused were presented before the court for remand. According to reports from ‘The Navhind Times’, the police appointed a dog squad service and fingerprint expert to trace the criminals.

SP- Arvind Gawas said that while investigating the case, Anwar Shaik reached Porvorim after committing the theft. He was suspected by a police at Porvorim who immediately arrested him at the Porvorim Police Station. Meanwhile, the other accused- Sarfaraz Adam was arrested from Betim.

Later, the police reported that the stolen items have been recovered. The two accused men have been booked under sections 394, 457 and 341 read with 34 of IPC.

The police have warned people of not giving their houses and properties on rent without the proper agreement and police verification. There have been many incidents reported earlier of similar type. The police have made it clear that it is high time Goans understand the need for safety and create a document proof to verify the tenants living at their homes to avoid future crime.

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