Catch The Drug Peddlers Instead of Matka Bookies Says The Tourism Minister To Goa Police

It looks like the recent raid on the Matka Bookies in Morjim have upset the Tourism Minister and he lashed on the police saying they should catch the drug paddlers instead of running after the Matka Bookies. The tourism minister of Goa, Babu Azgainkar was addressing to the press conference at GTDC when said that Drug us more serious matter compared to the Matka Gambling in Goa.

After the major exposure of a gambling den in Morjim last week, 11 members were arrested and subsequently bailed out there was a reference of some politically influential person came out in the media, who was allegedly protecting the Matka Den in the North Goa. The opposition leader Dayanand Sopte had openly alleged the same in the media.   

This week, another statement was made by Tourism Minister Manohar Azgaonkar over the Makta case stating that the drug trade is a much serious issue compared to Matka gambling. The tourism minister was speaking at the press conference held at GTDC conference hall. According to the media reports, the minister seems to have blamed the police department for not taking things seriously.



According to the reports in NT, Azgoankar had expressed his discontent on the police action on the Matka Bookie saying that “Matka is just a minor issue but drug trade has been a major problem in the state, the government has failed, I have failed, you media persons and we as Goans have failed to stop the drug menace in Goa.”

The main point that Azgaonkar was trying put forth was, it isn’t necessary to go after the matka bookies since there are serious issues are there in Goa to take care of; for instance, the rapes and murders. The tourism minister doesn’t support the idea of conducting raids at gambling spots; instead, he wants the police to knock down the supply of drugs.

According to Herald, Tourism Minister also alleged that the Police Department is shielding matka activities. In his response to the media, he mentioned that the police are not strong. “If matka has to be stopped, the police have to be strong. Police is not strong and it can be seen. Can anyone accept matka without letting the police know about it? There should be everyone’s interest, be it the government, police, and Goans, all have to come together to stop the illegality.” 


According to The Goan, Azgoankar’s discussion states that drugs are serious. It has the potential to finish the youth. It was time politicians and political parties join hands to launch an offense against that. It may be recalled Mandrem MLA Dayanand Sopte had mentioned in a report to ‘The Goan’ that there is a Minister involved in the matka case. Azgaonkar contradicts the statement at the press conference daring Sopte to name the Minister behind the matka case. He also added his own judgment that there is certainly a godfather to allow drugs in the State but ‘we are not aware who he is’. Even the smallest business has a blessing from someone big.

In another press conference held simultaneously on the same day, MLA Sopte said that activities like drugs trade, prostitution and gambling cannot take place without the blessings of the police officials. Reports from NT say that the minister urged that government give free hand to the Home department and Anti-Narcotic Cell of Goa police in cracking the drug cases in Goa.

The contradictory statements of Ministers have confused the people. Everyone wants to know who are the ministers or bigger influence behind all the menace in the state. People have also begun to question Azgaonkar’s sudden concern. There are a lot of mysteries tangled in these issues, and the illegal activities carried out in the state. Please share your views… 

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