All 11 Matka Bookies Granted Bail – Alleged Pressure from Some Local Minister Makes Police Job Difficult, Report

Another new development has taken place in the Matka Bookies Arrest Case. According to the reports, 11 arrested members of a Matka group from Morjim were finally granted the bail despite the police claiming that they will not allow the ball to the accused. It may be recalled that the recent raid held at the gambling hotspot in Morjim on 30th June 2018, 11 were arrested by the North Goa SP Mrs. Chandan Chaudhary.

According to SP Mrs. Chaudhary, she had strongly denied the bail of the accused persons but her hands are also tied up due to the prevailing Matka Gambling law and the accused managed to get the bail from JMFC of north Goa.

According to Herald, the Judicial Magistrate First Class had allowed the conditional bail to the accused persons with directions to appear before the investigation sleuths for a week. 

According to the sources, the police have discovered that one of the 11 arrested by them is related to a minister. Herald mentioned that the minister is a first time MLA. Goa Police have written to the Central financial investigating agencies to inquire the source of income of the owner of the premises – Reginaldo D’Souza.

Meanwhile, the opposition leader and Mandrem MLA Dayanand Sopte have stated in the ‘The Goan’ that time and again he had been complaining about the rampant gambling occurring in Pernem. No serious action was ever taken. He also brought up the issue of how murders have taken place due to gambling, and whenever the case is brought up in the police station the only answer back is- ‘Officers say there is too much pressure from a Powerful Minister’

The question arises, who is this powerful minister after all?

Despite the heavy control from the unknown ‘Powerful Minister’, the police have managed to catch the 11 accused red-handed. With the gambling game now busted at one area, SP Chaudhary has been encouraged to conduct more raids at gambling dens.

According to the previous news article on Goa Prism, the SP addressed to the media that Matka bookies have connections within the state as well as outside Goa and more details will be surfaced soon. More Matka dens in the state will be busted, stated Ms, Chaudhary

The state is currently threatened with some ministers being involved in illegal activities. It is beyond the public expectation after the trust put forth. People are raged and eager to know which minister could have been behind this case. There is no disclosure on the topic until now, but with the further investigation and secret raids conducted there could be a positive outcome.

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