Strained Relations Between the Governor and CM in Goa has Led to Rumours of Change in Leadership

Satyapal Malik and Pramod Sawant
Goa Governor Satyapal Malik and CM Dr Pramod Sawant.

There are so-called rumours going on the social media platforms about the change in leadership in the state following the strained relations developed between the CM and the Governor of Goa due to some statements given by Dr. Pramod Sawant in the media which did not go well with the Governor Satyapal Malik.

According to the rumours, the baton of the leadership might be taken over by the Health Minister Vishwajit Rane following the expulsions of a couple of existing cabinet ministers to be replaced by the new players allegedly joining to the bandwagon.

The whole misunderstanding between the CM and Governor started following the statement of CM Pramod Sawant to the media stating that Governor Satyapal Malik said that media is giving the “wrong information” regarding COVID-19 situation.

Governor Satyapal Malik immediately came out with the clarification in front of the media saying that act performed by CM was highly improper and he never said such things about the media. “This is a big impropriety on part of Chief Minister. I have never said anything against media, print media, or social media. Media is our strength and it informs us about lacunas. On the basis of the information, I called a meeting. It is wrong to say. It is highly improper. Any civilized man should not do it. Those words which were not said should not be put in someone else”s mouth. I have no problem with media,” Mr. Malik told ANI when asked to comment on Mr. Sawant’s remark.


According to the reports, the chief minister’s remarks came after coming out from the review meeting chaired by the Governor at Raj Bhavan to evaluate the Covid-19 situation in the state. The meeting was also attended by the Health Minister Vishwajit Rane, Chief Secretary Parimal Rai, and Health Secretary Nila Mohanan.

“There is wrong information being circulated on social media, so we gave him the right picture. He (Malik) praised the ongoing efforts made by us and said that social media, electronic media, and print media is giving the wrong picture,” Mr Sawant told reporters outside Raj Bhavan.

The facts behind the rumours of Change in Leadership in Goa?

Coming back to the rumours about the change in leadership in the state, there is no confirmed news on it but there is a saying “There is no smoke without the Fire” the rumours have been spread by certain nonexistent media under the name of “REPUBLIC BREAKING” making it viral on the social media platform.

There were certain other facts that might have helped the rumour mongers to connect the dots which included the visit of the health minister to Ponda and his subsequent rumoured meeting with Madkai MLA Sudin Dhavalikar to which Mr. Rane has denied saying that he did not meet anyone as he was busy visiting the Covid care centers, “I am fully with the government and a Member of BJP Party.”

The reporter who posted the video on social media about a rumoured meeting between the Health Minister and former PWD minister Mr. Sudin Dhavalikar had later on deleted the same from the youtube in which Mr. Dhavalikar had apparently spoken about the meeting with Rane but not for any political discussion as such. “I have just met Mr. Rane to ask him for the immunity-boosting medicines for my constituency people and nothing else,” states the report. (video clip had been deleted by the Goan Reporter from the Youtube but the screenshot of the video forward is here)

The screen shot of the deleted Video Clip

The rumours will go on till it becomes either the reality or been proved otherwise by the lawmakers who were always unpredictable in the past. Meanwhile, the differences between the Governor and CM might create some more rumours in the coming days. Please do not forget to share your valuable comments on this issue.          

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