A Tourist Arrived From Bangalore Tests Positive at Calangute, Goa Registers 180 Cases on Saturday

Tourist Tests Positive in Goa
The Staff Sanitizing the Airport Premises at Dabolim Goa

After the incident of Tourist from Mumbai testing positive at Calangute last week now the tourist who arrived from Bangalore was tested positive for the Covid-19 infection in Calangute. Goa has reached to the 3500 marks of the Covid-19 cases with more than 1400 active cases in the state. On Saturday itself Goa recorded around 180 COVID positive cases pushing state’s tally to 3500 mark.

Although the cases of Covid-19 is rising constantly in the state at the same, the good news is many people are also getting recovered from the infection. The recovery rate is very good with more than 2000 people to have been recovered and discharged from the hospital to date.

According to the reports, a tourist arrived from Bangalore along with her husband, and staying at a hotel in Calangute was tested positive for the Covid-19 infection on Saturday. This makes the second recorded case of tourists who tested positive in Goa.

Meanwhile, One of the cleaning staff of GMC (Goa Medical College) and two doctors were also tested positive on Saturday the dean of GMC Dean Dr. S M Bandekar said that the doctors probably caught the infection from their patients.

There is one more thing that needs the attention of the reader here and that is the news about the stigmatization of the people from Vasco Da Gama. According to the reports, there are many people from Vasco are apparently being discriminated by the doctors when they come for the treatment at GMC and when media asked Dr. Bandekar about the same he refuted the allegations saying that the doctors have no option but to examine patients coming from the port town with caution, but that none were turned down.    


Goa Prism Infographic of COVID 19 Tally in Goa

“Over the past few days, all patients coming from Vasco have tested positive,” Bandekar said. “We have to take precautions while treating them so as to prevent the infection from spreading to the hospital.”

According to Dr. Bandekar, one of the doctors in the Orthopedic section at GMC was contracted the virus after he treated one patient from Vasco who came to GMC with a fracture.   

Meanwhile, there is a video that went viral on social media showing the ill-treatment by the doctors of GMC towards the patients from Vasco da Gama.

According to the sources, one of the staff members of GMC recorded that video when the doctors discriminated while he took his wife for the checkup at GMC. But according to Dr. Bandekar, the staffer’s wife was examined by GMC doctors, and yet he made allegations against the hospital which are completely baseless.   

Source: TOI

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