Cops Suspended for Brutally Beating a Youth from Betul In South Goa

Clint Rebello - Beaten by cops mercilessly in the custody.

This is perhaps the second case of brutal assault of a youth by cops within the span of two months time, for the petty reasons. People have not yet overcome the incident of Fatorda in south Goa where a football fan was brutally attacked by the cops, the second incident of cops assaulting a youth from Betul in south Goa came into the light. The DIG has suspended all the five cops attached to the Cuncolim Police Station.

According to the sources, five police employees attached to the Cuncolim police station had been suspended by the IG Paramaditya on the grounds of disciplinary action against them for brutally assaulting the youth.

The names of the suspended cops are Mahesh Velip (PSI), Upendra Upaskar, Sandeep Kenkre and Jitesh Gaonkar (Constables), and Chandu Gaonkar (Driver). Mr. Paramaditya issued the order of the suspension.

It may be recalled that the Betul youth was brutally assaulted by the cops with a belt, punches, and kicks. According to the reports published in the local daily Navhind Times, DySp Raju Raut Desai had been appointed as inquiry officer in the case of alleged assault of Clint Rebello visited the Cuncolim police station and recorded the statements of the police allegedly involved in the incident besides recording the statement of the victim.


The investigation conducted by the south Goa DySp Mr. Desai has made it clear that all the police personnel involved into this incident are guilty to the large extent and such indiscipline will not be tolerated from any police officers, said the Director General of Police, Muktesh Chander

According to the sources, the incident took place at Asolna, 15KM from Margao on Sunday evening. There was an accident on the road and police had blocked the way for traffic. The victim Clint Rebello apparently demanded an explanation for the blockage due to which the matter between Clint and PSI Velip escalated to the next level and that culminated into the physical assault of Clint.  

The victim took his stand saying the police attacked him on the petty reason of calling them Crazy while the police presented the different version of the story. According to them, the victim abused them and he was the first to attack PSI and due to which police had left with no option but to hit back, said the police sources.

Clint told The Goan from the Hospicio bed on Monday morning that he was returning home after dropping his girlfriend. “There was an accident at Betul. When I had crossed a police jeep, there was a horn, requesting me to return back. I reversed my car to find out what had happened, but the policemen told me to proceed. Since I was called without any reason, I just casually mentioned “aauto mure” (Crazy Man) without referring to anyone”, he recalled.     

Clint claimed at this juncture, a policeman with two stars slapped him on the face and dragged him out of the car by holding his collar and made him sit in the police jeep. “They took me to the Assolna police outpost where I was assaulted by five persons, including one person in civilian clothes, with belts and kicks. One of them punched me on my nose”, he added.   

Meanwhile, the senior police officers have a difference of opinion on this issue, and they have taken the matter seriously. According to them, due to the lack of proper training to how to handle such situation this kind of incidents takes place and such things will not be tolerated, said Mr. Muktesh Chandar.

The five policemen took the victim to the Cuncolim police station and beat him mercilessly with the belt and warned him of putting him behind the bars for the rest of his life for misbehaving with the policemen.

Clint Rebello was admitted into the hospital at Bali with grievous injuries on his back, face, and legs. The police also threatened him of confiscating his passport to make sure that he does not leave the country to resume his duties on the ship.

Meanwhile, the Goa State Congress President (women’s wing) Ms. Pratima Coutinho had visited the victim at his residence and informed the media that the accused police have tendered their apology to the victim for their misdeeds but an act of police is not acceptable and there is no question of forgiveness, she said.   

The incidents of the scuffle between police and public are on rising in the state and this is the signal of a complete collapse in the administration. There is a serious need of the intervention of a concerned authority to stop such incidents and establish the administration. What are your views on this issue?      

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