RTO Suspends Over 600 Licensees for Over-Speeding but Speeding Continues

All over Goa, right up from the North to the South, the roads are in a deplorable condition. With potholes all over along with the digging up of roads, as well building bypasses all over the highways, there seems to be no respite in sight for commuters.

But what is surprising to note is that the pathetic state of roads has not deterred errant motorists from speeding and breaking a couple of other rules, especially during the monsoons when one has to be extra careful. In the July to September quarter, a total of 662 licenses were suspended, just for speeding.

During the same period, the Goa Traffic cell recorded around 1501 violations and till date speeding continues to be one of the highest traffic violations with an average of 400 licenses being suspended in each of the previous quarters.

North Goa DySP (Traffic), Dharmesh Angle pointed out that people tend to slow down where there are potholes and then speed up, which later results in accidents. “We have identified such spots and put speed restrictions in such areas,” he said.

Some of the areas identified are near the Siolim Bridge, Dandewadi at Cuncolim, O’Coqueiro junction at Porvorim among others. Angle informed that there are radars installed in these areas and violations are booked immediately.

In the year 2017, only 53 licenses were suspended for speeding. But after the acquisition of speed radar devices by traffic police in the following year, there were hundreds of cases for speeding, recorded by the traffic cell, out of which around 1544 people had to give up their licenses for a period of three months in 2018.

With numbers this year already adding to 1,487 from January to September 2019, the numbers are likely to increase owing to the ongoing tourist season which just commenced in October.

Road safety activist Roland Martins said that there have to be enough number of road signages indicating speed limit in order to compel people to drive slower.

One can hope that along with the rules being put in place, the roads are repaired at the earliest, so as o minimize accidents and mishaps.

Source: TOI

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