Cyclonic storm Kyarr moves away from West Coast

The cyclonic storm Kyarr is moving away from the western coast of India and as a result rainfall over Goa is very likely to reduce over the coming days, the India meteorological department (IMD) Goa said.

However the warning to fishermen, wind warning and Port warning is still relevant, IMD said. IMD stated that the weather would start clearing from midnight onwards but citizens have been warned against venturing into the sea.

“The cyclonic storm Kyarr in the Arabian Sea has completely moved out from the west coast,” IMD Director, KV Padgalwar told media, adding that the weather will start clearing from Sunday onwards, even though the skies will continue to look grey.

IMD further stated that there would be light to moderate showers due to the formation of a low-pressure area in the Bay of Bengal, which will be moving west thus bringing rain to Goa.


Padgalwar further stated that due to this prevailing system, clouds will start moving towards the west and North West, accounting for slight rainfall.

He also informed the media that the situation was being monitored and frequent weather updates were being provided in order to guide visitors and travelers to the state.

Last week, Cyclone Kyarr had wreaked havoc on the state with heavy rains lashing Goa and putting a damper on festive spirits.

IMD, Goa had advised tourists against traveling to Goa over the weekend as they were alerted by social media updates of visitors planning trips to the state.

Tourists and locals were warned of heavy rainfalls and strong winds up to October 27th and it would not be possible for anyone to venture into the sea.

Source: TOI

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