In one of the most shocking incidents that took place in Mapusa on Friday afternoon, 5 armed men entered in the premises of Indian Overseas Bank situated at Verla – Canca in Mapusa to carry out a major bank robbery. They hold the bank manager and other customers in the bank at gunpoint and managed to collect the cash worth Rs. 15 lacs. They were also planning to rob the customers inside the bank premises. This could have been a big disaster if the people of Goa haven’t displayed their valor at that point in time. An effort of one courageous Goan resulted in getting hold of two robbers but 3 managed to escape…

The robbers opened fire on public and they even shoot on one of the cars passing by from that location. People were scared to confront the rogues out of the fear of losing their lives, and taking the advantage of that 3 of them managed to escape the scene.

The branch manager had sustained minor injuries in this attack but, the good attempt of one of the brave Goan Mr. Anthony Noronha from Sonarwado Mapusa had foiled the plan of the robbers. He managed to get hold of one of the armed robber and looking at his bravery other Goan bothers went to his help and finally managed to catch two of the five robbers.

The Goa police arrived at the crime spot after receiving the information of the robbery and took custody of two robbers caught by the mob. They are now hunting for the rest. The police have issued an alert across the state and appealed to the people of Goa to help to catch 3 robbers on run.

According to the reports, the robbers have managed to escape with the booty of Rs. 15 lacs but the same is yet to be ascertained by the police. Now the first challenge before the police is to find out how this robbery took place in the first place and where was the security of the bank at the time of the robbery. Once the above points get clarified, the job of police will become easier.

We will keep you updated with developments as it takes place. Meanwhile please share your views on this serious incident.



  1. Anthony, your are truly a hero of this incident. Hats off to the bank manager who managed to get hold of other robber. you both deserve bravery awards


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