Why this Cuban actor is one of the best talents to come out of Florida

Florida is famous for Disney World, Naval Aviation Museum, and the Kennedy Space Center. Florida is also home to exceptional talent like Ariana Grande, Mimi Rogers, Abigail Spencer, Eva Mendes and Pitbull, not to mention the legendary Jim Morrison. Another name that is fast making its way to this list of celebrities out of Florida is Zachary Vasquez. He is a model, actor, & entertainer who has featured in movies and TV shows like Pain and Gain, Baywatch, The Good Doctor,  etc. to name a few, including lead roles in films like A Change of Wear, Ghosts Realm, That’s How I Roll and Pieces.

Born to Cuban parents who had immigrated to Florida, Zachary grew up in Tampa Bay and started out his career as a personal trainer and model. Slowly and steadily over the past few years, Zachary made strides in the world of entertainment with acting as his passion. Zachary is credited with a strong work ethic, apart from working out to stay fit to ensure that he always gives his best, whatever the role. He likes to leave his stamp on the character, whether as a lead, supporting actor or doing a commercial.

After successfully appearances at Fashion Shows like Miami Fashion Week, Acapulco Moda Nextel and Nico and Adrian Swimwear, Zachary has made a name for himself in the fashion and entertainment industry. His work speaks for him and is moving him to the fast lane. Ads featuring Zachary are a favorite, and he also has a strong social media presence with highly active and widely followed accounts in Instagram (officialzvazquez), Twitter (@ZachVtalent), Facebook (@OfficialZVazquez) and a YouTube channel too where videos on his work can be checked out.

Zachary is bilingual, speaking fluent Spanish due to his Cuban descent and also has the much-admired Cuban dancing skills. Tall, lanky and well built, Zachary can easily set a few hearts aflutter with his good looks, not to mention his superb physique, and has a good screen presence that makes him noticeable. Not one to be satisfied with just passion egging him on, Zachary has also added acting training to hone his skills. He calls himself a constant student of art and believes in continuous improvement. His looks, skills, screen presence, current portfolio and his strong work ethics certainly make Zachary Vasquez, one of the best finds to come out of Florida.


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