It’s not a WhatsApp joke but, the true fact that has come to the light recently. The attendant of a Sulabh Toilet situated in Panaji Market was caught charging the foreigner tourists in Dollars instead of rupees. The public toilets, which are made for the benefits of the tourists and locals alike are normally authorized to charge one rupee but, now taking the advantage of the situation some smart minds have come with the innovative idea of fleecing the foreigners…

According to the reports, it has come to the notice that Sulabh Toilet in Panaji has been fleecing the foreigner tourists by charging them 1 Dollar instead of Rs. 1 which is exorbitant. The reason behind this is, the toilet attendees are sure that tourist doesn’t have time to go to police or lodge a complaint, especially the foreigners as they have fear of getting fleeced even more…

One of the eyewitnesses brought this into the notice of media. The attendant of the Sulabh Toilet was found charging the Dollar 1 from tourist instead of one rupee. The incident was notified by one the shopkeeper in the vicinity of Panaji Market said the sources.

When media reached to spot and confronted the in charge, he agreed of fleeing the foreigners. He initially went into the denial mode but later on agreed that his colleague had charged foreigners in Dollars but, he is not aware how much. “I do not sit here and hence I don’t know anything,” said one of the attendants of Sulabh adding that “If another person has taken anything I am not aware.”


Meanwhile, when the main in charge when was confronted, he had agreed to has taken the fees for using the toilet in Dollars saying that the tourists give out of their own willingness. “We don’t take fees in Dollars but someone gave so I kept it,” he said.

According to the reports, when the mayor of CCP came to know about this event he agreed to look into the matter, and initiate the action if anyone found guilty.

This is just one such case that came into the light due to one of the vigilante shopkeepers from the vicinity but, there is a possibility of many such incidents taking place in the other Sulabh Toilets in the state.

In fact, the Sulabh Toilets had come into the existence to keep our surrounding clean so that people do not urinate in open but, now it has become a money-making den. Nobody is interested knowing how much they charge and how they maintain the toilets. Most of the toilets are in highly pathetic condition, and in some places they charge whatever they feel.

Hope this incident, however small it may be, opens the eyes of the authorities and does not get repeated in the future. Tourists are our guests and fleecing them in any form is highly unethical. We appeal to all the tourists to not to succumb to such kind of traps and raise your voice by sending any such complaints to us at [email protected]



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